Today is my day to be like Oprah y’all – YAY!

Why? Because it’s freebie giveaway time!

“You get a freebie, you get a freebie, you get a freebie!”

(Sorry, it’s not a car – I admit, I’m not quite as baller as Oprah.)

What’s the freebie you ask?

A guide to landing your first or next web design client!

I made this one specifically for all the aspiring web designers out there.

Or the designers who are in the messy beginning area, trying to figure out exactly how to bring in those fabulous clients.

If you’d like a hand with locking down either your first or next web design client – I have 4 killer strategies that are easy to implement in this new freebie!

These strategies I’m sharing are specifically for those who don’t have a ton of time on their hands for marketing. So these are perfect for someone who is side hustling their business and therefore doesn’t have all day to get into the super long-term, time-intensive marketing strategies.

We’re not getting into blogging, starting a podcast or hosting 5 webinars this week. Instead, we’re going through quick & easy ways to land that next client!

If you’re ready to take my exact strategies and implement them in your own business, enter your details to download the freebie!

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