I talk about work, work, work, work, work on this blog frequently. But to be honest, work is just one piece of my life. So today I wanted to give you a little look at what I do when I’m not behind the laptop, typing away on this blog, recording podcast episodes, creating courses and marketing things.

Basically, I’m going to give ya some facts about my life that are non-business related.


  1. My Mexican food habit is real. My city in Germany has exceptionally bad Mexican food options, so anytime I travel abroad, go to a bigger German city or go home to Canada, I’m the one always forcing my friends to get Mexican with me.

  2. Dancing like no one is watching is a fav pass time of mine. Turn on the Drake and then watch out. (In one of the applications I got for my recent VA opening, one girl responded to the question “Why do you want to work for Paige?” with “I feel like she’d be a good time at the bar.” Her guess was right.)

  3. When I fly I nap the entire way. I’m an exceptional napper and sleep like an absolute rock. (My fiancé tested ring sizes on me while I slept and I had no clue.) Napping the whole flight is also my solution for never being jet lagged.

  4. My idea of the perfect vacation? Put me on a Canadian lake at a cottage, invite up my friends from uni days and leave me there for the summer. I couldn’t ask for anything better.

  5. I have a news reading habit, and reading the news is something I need to cut myself off from when I’m trying to work. I’m extremely well-informed on politics and current events. (Admittedly, mostly European and American politics. I have a rough idea of whats happening in the rest of the world, but mostly focus on those two areas when reading.) I studied politics in university and am always stoked to go vote.

  6. I watch a very select few TV shows. I’m not a big TV person, I have Netflix, but I was debating cancelling it the other day. I ended up keeping it because my sister and fiancé use it so much and I don’t want to get on their bad side. The shows I do/have watched? The Crown, Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones, Gilmore Girls, Suits and Outlander. Only Outlander and The Crown are still coming out with episodes of all of those, so as you can assume, my TV watching time is just about none most of the year.

  7. These are my fav drinks by category: Ciders: Rekorderlig and Sommersby original. Beer: Franziskaner Hefeweizen. Cocktails: Mojitos or frozen margaritas. White wine: Dry Riesling. Red wine: Bordeaux. I’m not a day drinker, it’s just not a skill I have. I fall asleep too early and can’t rally to join the party again later, so even when friends are day drinking, I don’t start until 5 PM.

  8. I used to play field hockey in school and loved it. Unfortunately, I’m never anywhere long enough to play on a team, so instead I tend to play tennis sporadically and go skiing a couple times a year. That’s about the extend of my sporting activities, which is pretty sad… I want to change that.

  9. I love James Bay’s Chaos and the Calm album.

  10. My favorite flower is blue or white hydrangeas.

  11. I’m a night owl. Getting out of bed is always a struggle, and trying to fall asleep is tough. I just get so many ideas at night. When I needed to write an essay in university I would clean my room, run errands, cook food, and socialize during the day and then start writing my essay at 5 PM, polish it off in the middle of the night and crawl out of bed to hand it in the next morning. I was so bad with going to bed in my first year of university (4 AM was my norm) that I made my goal for 2nd year university to be to go to bed by 1 AM. I did actually meet that goal, cause my sleeping hours in 1st year became a real issue.

  12. I love lawn games. Ladder toss. Washers. Bocce. I’m down.

  13. When I was a kid, my dream job when I grew up was to be a squeegee kid. I thought they all looked super cool with their dread locks and they seemed to have a good time socializing with each other while they worked. At the time I didn’t realize most of them were homeless. Once I found that out, the appeal died pretty quick… That and they were banned in Toronto around the time I was 10.

  14. My fiancé and I love going for walks… Like real 60 year olds . We started going for walks together in Mississippi when we met because we both didn’t have cars there as international students and it was just something to do right outside our front doors. Then it stuck. We take breaks from work and go for walks in the city forest near us, and we frequently head out to the countryside on weekends and go for walks in beautiful areas of Germany. It’s also fabulous, fully present talking and relationship time, not distracted by phones.

  15. My fiancé and I reallyyy want a dog and that desire is growing by the month. (Plus, we’d be great dog parents due to our walking habit.) But I travel too much, so no dog for us yet. I already have the name picked out. I’m going to name the dog Muffin. I think animals named after food items, stereotypical human names, alcoholic beverages or names of other animals are adorable.

  16. I love podcasts. They’re great for learning while doing other brainless work. I listen to them when cooking, folding laundry and taking baths.

  17. I don’t like showers. I’m a bath person.

  18. I can get my hair to go to day 5, sometimes 6 without looking greasy. I consider washing it an annoying waste of time. I’m hoping Blow Dry bars catch on in my German city soon so I can outsource that task.

  19. My fiancé and I are pretty much switched in gender roles. I can live with my apartment not being super clean, he can’t, so he tends to do more house work than I do. I like to go camping, he likes 5 star hotels. (Thankfully, I’m also down for nice hotels, so I just have to go camping with other friends, not him.) He intends to take paternity leave, I want to work when we have kids.

  20. I’m a Toronto Maple Leafs fan, even though they’re a disappointment year after year. I think my Dad would disown me if I cheered for another team. The Leafs are going to have a very angry red head on their hands if they don’t hurry up and win another cup while my Dad is alive and kicking. The last time they won he was 10, and the man deserves to see a win again. I’m not really a fan of any other sports team, though I do attend sports games … to socialize and drink with friends.

  21. I go to the gym but don’t actually like it. I need to switch up workouts every few months or I get really bored.

  22. I asked for a mimosa once on a flight, the flight attendant said you only get that in first class. I asked for an orange juice and sparkling wine instead and she gave it to me. I proceeded to make my own mimosa. I now always drink self-made mimosas on flights and am determined to one day have the funds to buy first class flights as often as I please.

  23. I budget…really intensely, personally and business-wise.

  24. Chocolate mousse is my favorite dessert, followed closely by crème brûlée.

  25. My high school religion teacher Mrs. Coomber assigned us homework to color in a picture of Jesus in the 10th grade. I decided that was a waste of my time and not appropriate homework for our grade, so I didn’t do it. When she checked homework the next day, she told me “if you weren’t so pretty, you’d go nowhere in life.” I’m very grateful to her, because nothing in life has motivated me to be successful in life like what she said to me that day. Thanks Mrs. Coomber.

  26. I refuse to do any pointless ‘make work’ projects. Like drying dishes, because if you just leave them there, they’ll dry themselves. And coloring pictures of Jesus, because … why?

  27. For my wedding, I don’t care about the details. The napkins can be folded however, I have no interest in choosing colors and I laughed at the suggestion to pick a “theme” for my wedding. (The theme is I’m getting married, does there need to be something else?) I checked off 70% of Wedding Wires wedding planning checklist by just deciding to not do those things. My idea of a perfect wedding day? Having all our legit friends who are genuinely excited and happy for us together for a fabulous party and a sick dance floor. If we manage that, it will be a successful day. We picked the first wedding venue and church/priest we visited. Both because they were great and because we didn’t want to waste our weekends scouring every venue and church around.

  28. I skipped 33 religion classes in one semester. (Are you sensing a theme? I didn’t like Mrs. Coomber or her religion classes much.) You didn’t get your religion credit if you missed more than 15, but I still got mine. (I was in almost every extra-curricular there was in high school and had an excuse for each one of those skips.)

  29. Because none of my friends have as much vacation time as I do, I often want to travel but don’t have someone to go with. So I’ve started signing up for group tours or learning-experience type vacations. I’m taking a sailing course in Croatia this summer with a group, none of whom I know!

  30. Convincing people to build online businesses isn’t just something I do while working, I also LOVE the topic and talk about it with friends too. They’re probably all sick of me encouraging them to quit their job and do what I do by now.

  31. It was always my dream to work for the UN or become the first elected female Prime Minister of Canada. Though now I’ve learned more about the world I’m not sure if it’s worth doing either. My goal is to make a big positive impact on the world, and as I’ve gotten older I’ve learned that money, not political power, is probably just as if not more effective to achieve that goal.

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