Ahem – story time!

Just a few years ago I was Googling up a storm, wanting to build a website and was struggling to find the right platform.

I scoped out all the options and looked up all the comparison charts.

I tried to learn a little about how each website building platform worked, and what creating and blogging on them would look like before I settled on one.

Squarespace ended up winning my heart, and years later, I’m still a huge fan of the platform.

Here’s the reasons Squarespace originally won me over, and why years later, I’m still a die-hard fan.

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1. The dedication regardless of hell or high water

This is one that makes me happy to put my businesses online home with Squarespace.

Story time about that time Hurricane Sandy hit NYC and started causing havoc with Squarespaces servers.

The generator that was keeping Squarespace websites online was on the 18th floor of a NYC building, and the gas that was keeping the generator going was in the basement. The natural disaster flooded the basement breaking the pump that moved gas from the basement to the 18th floor, and the elevator.

The Squarespace team manually carried barrels of gas up 18 flights of stairs to keep their customers websites online.

Talk about ‘come hell or high water.’

A company who’s CEO isn’t above carrying fuel up 18 flights of stairs is the type of company I want to keep my online home with.

I trust Squarespace will do everything within their power to keep my website online.

And let me quickly address the ‘Squarespace could close down tomorrow and then you just lost your website’ naysayers.

Squarespace powers over 1 million websites, and has a team of almost 700. Squarespace is doing just fine and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

2. The simplicity of design and building

This is the one that originally sold me.

The simplicity of using the platform makes designing and building a website a dream. The back end is straightforward, not confusing. Creating a new page or blogging isn’t rocket science like it is with a lot of other platforms.

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3. The design-first approach

Once you start getting familiar with website platforms, you can start picking out which one a website is built on just by looking at it.

Squarespace holds down the side of the internet that actually looks modern, and designer. You’ll be hard pressed to find a Squarespace site that looks clunky or cluttered.

This didn’t happen by accident. Squarespace takes a design-first approach when they create their templates and it really comes through in the final product, their beautiful websites!

4. The strong focus on modern functionality

Squarespace sites are always ready for mobile, and the Squarespace team move quickly to ensure all their sites are up to date with modern functionality.

Example, when the interwebs switched over from http to https (or secure websites), the Squarespace team was on it, doing all the back end leg work so all us Squarespace users had to do to make our sites secure was click an ‘enable’ button.

I know WordPress users who still don’t know how to make the switch, and are beginning to lag behind in terms of modern functionality.

5. The all-in-one option

Blogging. E-Commerce. Hosting. Templates. It’s all included, and it’s all in one system, so everything plays well together. As a Squarespace user I don’t have the headache of trying to make my hosting work with my website, it’s built together so I don’t have to worry about it.

One less tech issue for me to take care of? I’m all for it!

6. The security & peace of mind

I remember laughing my way through this Strategy Hour podcast episode where Abagail described a past WordPress site she worked on that had someone start running an illegal drug dealing business on the back end of it. Imagine!

While it was funny to listen to, I know that would be a nightmare of an experience to go through as a site owner.

Squarespace is closed source, meaning the Squarespace team builds everything for the platform, and doesn’t let any average Joe create plugins that can leave security holes in your site.

This leads to a more secure website, and for you it means no worries that your going to have people hacking into your site and running illegal businesses through it.

For me that peace of mind is invaluable!

7. The support that’s actually supportive

Squarespace hires people who actually have a clue to man their support section and chat and I’m so darn thankful for it!

When you need help, you won’t be dealing with some call center in a third world country, where the person is just as clueless as you and is just Googling their way through something and reading to you from a script.

The Squarespace support team knows their stuff, is friendly and makes an effort that you actually find a solution to your problem. The staff take your feedback and makes you feel like a valued customer.

They also have such an extensive help resource area, there’s a tutorial video or help article for just about every issue you could possibly come across.

8. The transparency & inclusion of pros in decision making

Squarespace launched the Circle over a year ago and took the time to create it right.

The Squarespace team took time to reach out to some Squarespace website designers (myself included) to chat with us about their idea, and get our feedback on what we’d like to see in the Circle.

They regularly reach out in the Circle forum for feedback on future site developments they’re thinking of making, and ask for our top priorities in the new features.

So there we have it. I couldn’t be happier to keep my businesses online home with Squarespace, and I hope that helped a little if you’re still deciding where to build your businesses online home.

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