I was doing a yoga video at home today and the instructor said “if you just take 2 minutes every day and stretch your wrists, you’ll be so much better off!”

Which made me think of every other time someone has instructed us “If you just walk 15 mins a day,” or “if you just meditate for 3 minutes a day” or “if you just take 6 mins a day to make a green smoothie you’ll blah, blah, blah.”

All of these things are obviously ridiculous. If we spent “just 5 minutes a day” doing every thing we’ve been told to do, you know how much time we’d have to actually live + work.


If you feel like you don’t have time there’s 1 problem and 1 problem only: You need to prioritize and ignore what everyone else says.

I took a quick laugh at that yoga instructor and was like “yeah right, I’m not doing that!” then continued on with my class.

If I had a broken wrist, sure I might prioritize a wrist exercise. But my wrists are just fine and I would like some space in my life to actually live it and work on the important stuff.

So if you feel like you never have time, take a good look at what you’re spending your time on. If there’s anything you’ve been told to do which isn’t getting you directly to achieving your most important and pressing life goals, stop giving it your time!

Prioritization is how you’ll finally have time again.

Why you never have time