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About Today’s Episode

So you’re dreaming of starting a web design biz…

but there’s just one thing holding you back!

How the heck will you get clients as a new designer without a portfolio!? And how are you supposed to build a portfolio without any clients?

(Major “Which came first? The chicken or the egg?” moment.)

In an effort to build your portfolio, you may be tempted to design your first few sites free of charge, but is it really wise to work for free when you’re first starting out?

Tune in to today’s episode on iTunes or Spotify to find out!

Ps. The advice I give in today’s episode can honestly apply to pretty much any service-based business, but because I teach people how to become Squarespace website designers, my examples will relate to that!

A Few Highlights

  • Should you work for free when you’re first getting started in your business? My short and sweet answer (1:45)

  • What life looked like when I first starting my web design business. Plus, my first client and exactly how much I charged (2:23)

  • Why this one simple piece of advice applies to you no matter what type of service you offer (3:35)

  • Setting up your client process (and finding the confidence to charge for your work) (4:37)

  • Client psychology 101: How to appear booked-out so your dream clients want to work with you (6:45)

  • Not sure this advice applies to you? Listen to this photographer’s story (and the #1 thing she did to blow-up her business) (7:15)

  • Social Media: The top 3 dead-giveaways that you’re a total newb (and what to post instead.) Plus, creating scarcity as a new website designer (9:22)

  • How to hand-pick your first few projects when so that your portfolio attracts your only your dream clients (11:20)

  • The 1 thing every designer must do before taking on a new client! Plus, setting boundaries as a new designer.(2:18)

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