A few months ago I was umming and ahhing over which new content stream to create. I’ve had a blog for a couple years now and it’s been THE driver of growth in my business. This year I knew I wanted to create more valuable content for y’all but I was reallyyyy stuck in deciding in which format to offer that content.

I debated a lot of options, including regular webinars and Instagram stories/TV but I quickly eliminated those ideas and ultimately the decision came down to a YouTube channel or a podcast.

I watched the fab video below from Pat Flynn which definitely helped form my knowledge, but even still, the two came out pretty much even in the results of the video, so I still had lots to think about.

In the end, I decided for a podcast!

In order for my thought process to make sense, I should quickly explain what the podcast is about and who it’s for.

It’s called The Online Business Besties podcast and legit, this is what I wrote as my ideal client for the podcast:

“My ideal client is currently bored AF in her cubicle, dying to get out into the world and have the freedom of her own online business. She’s 25, working in a 9-5 currently but is day dreaming of financial and location freedom by running an online business from the road. She’s dying to start an online business so she can ditch her 9-5 and get on with living her best life and chase her dreams without any limits.

She’s currently in corporate and is trying to figure out and devise a gameplan on how to escape it. She’s a positive go-getter who is so over corporate and ready to put in the work to building up her own business so she can have freedom of location, finances and lifestyle. She just needs the road to follow and some encouragement to walk it, so she can start working and making progress.”

So basically, the purpose of the podcast is to introduce listeners to others who are successfully running online businesses in the most random and unexpected ways (to show just how possible running an online business is!) and to share education from experts that is important to building a successful online business (eg. website building, copywriting, email marketing, etc.)

So, now you know what the podcast is about and my ideal client for it, here’s my thought process on why a podcast made more sense than a YouTube channel.

Here’s a look into my thought process and why a podcast ultimately won out.

Why I chose to podcast:

It’s more convenient to consume for my ideal listener

My ideal listener, as you saw from my description of her above, is sitting in her 9-5 office, super bored and uninspired by the work she’s doing in corporate. Which means, she might want something to entertain her a bit (secretly) while at her job.

I imagine my ideal listener popping in headphones while sitting at her desk and opening up a doc on her computer, dreaming up ideas and business strategies and noting them down while technically she should be you know, working on work.

Not to mention, she probably has to commute to and from her 9-5, which makes for prime podcast listening time!

With video, it’d be harder to watch secretly while she’s supposed to be working, and also wouldn’t be so safe to be watching while driving.

Podcasting needs less & more easily transportable equipment

In terms of my lifestyle, I travel frequently which means I live out of a suitcase for months and tend to work from multiple countries in a year.

When I thought of the equipment necessary for a podcast I came up with:

  • Microphone & pop filter

  • Laptop

  • Sound-proofing box

  • Optional: Boom arm & shock mount

For a YouTube channel I’d need:

  • DSLR camera

  • Microphone

  • Laptop

  • Lighting & lighting stands

  • Tripod

  • Teleprompter

  • Optional: Some sort of something that looks like a set

When legit thinking about packing up a suitcase, I imagined I’d almost have 1 carry on size bag full of just YouTube recording gear. Not ideal.

With podcasting, there’s a lot more stuff which I can use while at home and just skip while I’m away. I have no intention of bringing a boom arm & shock mount with me while I travel, I’ll just use the normal Blue Yeti stand which is good enough and won’t significantly affect the quality while I’m recording abroad. (That’s an affiliate link!)

Now if you’re sitting there scratching your hear wondering what the heck a soundproofing box is, I’ll explain. The ideal situation for recording a podcast would be to be in a sound-proof studio, or in a closet with a bunch of clothes that would absorb sound.

But I noticed on Instagram Jenna Kutcher took a photo of her recording set up which included some sort of soundproof looking box thing. She basically took a box, filled it with soundproof foam and then stuck her microphone inside.

Instead of optimizing a full room for her podcast, she just created a box and speaks into it. Genius. And easy to bring with you places. (Well, easier than bringing a soundproof room with you places that is.)

I grabbed this foldable box from Ikea and purchased sound soundproof foam from Amazon. I’ve now got a sound-proof box that I can easily break down, pop into a suitcase and bring with me as I travel. And it’s super light-weight!

So ultimately, the podcast won out in terms of simplicity of equipment and being able to consistently produce the content easily even while I travel. (Not to mention, the equipment is a LOT cheaper.)

Making good video is harder than good audio

Making good quality audio is a heck of a lot easier than shooting and editing a good quality video. There’s so much more that goes into shooting great videos and when watching a video, poor production can distract from otherwise good content.

I am not skilled at shooting video (though I’m sure it’s just a matter of practice makes perfect which with time could be mastered.) With a podcast, I figured I could place the focus more on quality content that on fancy editing, animated video intros and setting up professional-looking shots.

The bottom line with this one was, with a podcast the focus is on good content. With video, the focus is both on good content and good shots, which is a lot harder to master.

Podcasting is more collaborative

If you read my post on what I’d do differently if I started my business again, you know that I’ve slacked pretty hard on collaborating and working with others in order to grow my business.

Not only do I think that’s slowed down my ability to reach new audiences, I haven’t built nearly as many relationships with other business owners as I would have liked to.

On a podcast it’s very normal to have guests on and therefore collaborate with other industry experts frequently. I like this for a few reasons.

First, the guests may very well share the podcast with their audience, thereby growing the potential reach of it.

Second, I get to actually interact with other humans in my work day, which doesn’t happen now. I’ve always been a social person, and my favorite jobs were always the ones where I worked with fun coworkers. That’s something completely lacking in what I do now and I want to change that.

Third, I’m not an expert in every topic related to online business. By inviting on guests, I can share really valuable education on topics that I myself am not an expert on (eg. Instagram marketing, copywriting, Facebook ads, etc.)

Less pressure to get pretty when recording

Alright, I 100% am aware that this is a silly issue that I could totally get over if I decided to. But, straight up, this feels like a real issue.

I generally prefer to look presentable when recording content for my business.

But when thinking back about myself writing blog posts, I’m often typing something up from bed while rocking a messy bun, no makeup and pjs. If I were to record videos, I’d feel like I actually have to get ready, film during the day when there’s good light, etc.

I know realistically that I’ll probably batch work a lot of episodes back to back from bed and I don’t want to feel the need to get all ready and presentable in order to record. So podcasting FTW with this one.

But, the major thing I’ll miss out on with video is . . .

If you’re in the world of online business, you know one thing to be true.

The future of the internet is video.

We prefer to learn, consume content and information by video these days and YouTube/video really is the future of online content.

I fully realize that, and know that by creating a podcast, I’m missing out on this and am just further kicking the can down the road of when I’ll finally need to be creating video content.

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