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The Paige Studio's virtual client lounge

Hey fabulous client!

Thank you again for choosing The Paige Studio, your business is greatly appreciated! Please stay as long as you'd like in the client lounge. Cookies and coffee are on the table.

If you lost your copy of the Welcome package, you can find another copy right here.

If you're ready to tell me all the details about your dream website & ideal customer avatar, complete the 2 questionnaires below.


You have 2 questionnaires to complete!

1. The Ideal customer avatar Questionnaire

2. The Brand & Style Questionnaire


1. The Ideal customer avatar

Every business needs an ideal customer avatar. It's a description of the one person you have in mind who would be the best fit for what you offer in your business.

This questionnaire will help both you and I get to know exactly who this website has to appeal to!



2. The Brand & Style Questionnaire

Note: There's 2 buttons but you only need to complete 1 of them.

'Ahhh, which do I complete?'

Which package did you purchase? The website package or the website & branding package? Complete the appropriate questionnaire.


Wahoo! Job very well done!

You have full permission to go pour yourself a drink & kick up those heels now.