+ What Squarespace template do you use?


+ Can you do a couple edits on my site?

I'm afraid my calendar only allows me to do edits for past clients. Not to worry though, if you haven't met the website Use Sixty yet, it's time you did! Use Sixty has Squarespace experts on demand to help you via live video screenshare with any site tweaks you need.


+ Do you accept guest posts?

Not at this time.


+ How did you get started?

This video interview I did has allll the info on how I got started and advice for anyone looking to be a Squarespace designer.

+ How did you learn to run your business?

Universities are so far behind whats happening in online business and tech, so online courses are my jam. That's how I've learned everything I know (and Google, obv). Check out the Paige Loves page for the courses I've taken and recommend.

+ How much can I charge as a new designer?

I get this question so often, I wrote a post on it. Read it here.

+ Can I pick your brain?

So sorry, my calendar just doesn't allow for the number of 'brain picking' meetings I get requests for. If you have a question, feel free to leave it below, I use these questions as ideas for blog posts, so keep an eye on the blog, you might get your answer there in the future!


+ Where are you based?

I move a lot, so this answer is always changing. I'm Canadian, but as a digital nomad I spend most of the year away from home. I hate the cold, so in the winter you'll find me somewhere tropical and in the summer I'm normally in Hannover, Germany or Toronto, Canada.


Ask a question

I take the questions I get here and use some of them as blog post ideas. So, if you submit a question, keep an eye on the blog, you may just see your answer there in the future!

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