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I help the creative entrepreneurs build and launch the sites they've been dreaming of, so y'all can get back to running your business, creating content and booking dreamy clients!

I write the go-to Squarespace blog which has helped over 100,000 Squarespace users!

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Square Secrets course

An online course teaching you how to build a
Squarespace site that attracts your ideal clients 24/7!

This is for you if... you're a service-based business owner who wants a step-by-step system to follow for creating your own unique and fabulous website!

"I have taken many courses over the years, and this by far was the best value for the money." - Jennifer

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Free video series

This complete site building starter guide includes 4 video lessons, 3 workbooks and 1 checklist to help get your digital ducks in a row!

This is for you if ... you have no clue where to start with the whole site building thing!

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"You put so much value into this video series and it’s reallllly helpful, THANKYOU!" - Madison

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The blog is full of free content on all things Squarespace + business!

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