Squarespace Expert + Website Designer

Stuck mid site-build?

New to Squarespace?

No worries, you don’t have to go it solo anymore

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Because you know that stalling on your site for weeks isn’t good for business, but you just can’t figure out how to make Squarespace do what you want it to!

You're not looking to have an expert build an entire site for you, but

you'd love to have an expert on-CALL,

so you can get exactly the help you need making the tweaks and edits you’ve been getting stuck at.

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  • Trying unsuccessfully to set up your site in a logical and clear manner?
  • Would love a lesson on Squarespace from an expert going at your own pace?
  • Unsure how to best set up your site for conversion?
  • Getting stuck with the Squarespace tech stuff?

Squarespace Tweaks is a time to sit down (virtually) with a Squarespace expert, to help you through the problem areas of your site, or to give you a lesson on what's possible!

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Squarespace Tweaks

On-demand Squarespace help, 
done-for-you edits


Is this right for me?



"I'm getting stuck with some tech stuff, trying to set something up in Squarespace in a certain way."

"I'm new to Squarespace and would love an expert to give me a lesson on how to use the platform."


"I hate the design and style of my DIY site. I want my site & brand to be overhauled, can you do that in an hour?" See: custom sites.

"I'm getting stuck with a few things in the developer platform, and/or custom coding."


Not quite sure? Shoot me an email paige @ thepaigestudio . com.


how it works

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Squarespace Tweaks


How many minutes?
That’s up to you!


Ooops! I completely forgot to introduce myself!



I’m Paige Brunton, a Squarespace website designer helping gals just like me take their business to the next level of success with a clean & modern website.


Because I get that entrepreneurs need to focus on the important things, like making money and propelling their business to the next level of success, not sobbing in website-overwhelm land!

Oh, you'd like the personal details, eh?

I graduated with a Master of Arts from Ole Miss and while I’m from Toronto, I love nothing more than taking trips abroad! 

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+ What exactly do I get?

You will get 1:1 time with myself, a Squarespace web designer, working on your site to fix and tweak the parts you've been getting stuck at. We'll work through your list of desired site edits, and find solutions to your problems. I'll make edits on your site in real-time, so you can give feedback as we go.

+ Who is Site Tweaks best for?

If you need some quick, 1-on-1 help with Squarespace, you're in the right place.

+ How long should I book for?

Most of the site tweaks calls I do average 60 mins, so that's generally a good place to start.

+ What if I need more time than I booked?

Assuming I don't have any appointments after our call, we can extend our time together. You don't need to rebook, we just stay on our call, and UseSixty knows to charge accordingly.

+ What if I need less time than I booked?

We end the call early and you pay for the minutes we actually had together. Note, the session minimum price is 50% of the scheduled duration. For example, if you booked a 1-hour session, the minimum you'll pay is for 30 minutes.

+ Can you help me in the next couple mins?

I'm not always sitting at my desk, so the next available time slot for Site Tweaks is always 6 hours away or more.

+ What is Use Sixty?

Use Sixty offers on-demand help, whenever you get stuck on a web app (like Squarespace)! Use Sixty matches you with an expert for by-the-minute help over screen-share.

+ I have more question about Use Sixty

No worries gal, you can check out their FAQ right here.

+ I’m embarrassed to show my website to a pro...

Just like your gyno, I’ve seen it all! So gal don’t worry, this is a judgement-free zone. After our call you’ll be cured of your website shame for good! Take my past clients words for it, it'll be SO worth it!

+ Yasss I’m ready! How do I book?

Click here, pick the time in the calendar that works best for you, and make your payment easily online.

Your question wasn’t answered? Oh no!  paige @ thepaigestudio . com