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your website

through the eyes of an expert

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Because you’ve already read everything you can get your hands on, and spent hours DIY’ing it,

but YOU still don’t know why your site doesn’t look right!

… Plus you’re really not quite sure if everything is set up right to rank in Google, and get site visitors to inquire and book already!

So, what you really want is a web design pro to set you on the right path.

Well lovely! You’re in the perfect place gal!

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The Squarespace Site Audit

A 1 hr live video call with
a Squarespace expert


You. Me. A live video call. 

White wine optional (but suggested).

Our topic?

How to make your Squarespace site a 10/10.

We'll have plenty of time to talk all about how to set up your site best to help your business succeed. No need to keep Googling articles and searching in forums!

The Squarespace Site Audit is a time to get your answers, and a few creative hacks, straight from an expert.

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The Squarespace Site Audit

A 1 hr live video call with a Squarespace expert

  • Easy, you-can-do-it-yourself action steps to up your website game 
  • Pro tips on what’s working on your site and what’s not
  • Simple strategies to help with SEO & bookings/sales
  • Step-by-step guides to make your site meet design best practices
  • Time to ask your Squarespace questions, and quickly get solutions straight from an expert!


  • Design Best Practices Cheat Sheet
  • Client Conversion Machine Workbook



site audits will be available again in April

Skip the line & get an advanced booking
opportunity when site audits are available again.

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Ooops! I completely forgot to introduce myself!



I’m Paige Brunton, a Squarespace website designer helping gals just like me take their business to the next level of success with a clean & modern website.
I have created an entire site design process that allows you to partner one-on-one with a web pro bestie and launch your site in just 2 weeks.


Because entrepreneurs need to focus on the important things, like making money and propelling their business to the next level of success, not sobbing in website-overwhelm land!

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+ What exactly do I get?

A 1 hour video call with Paige, a Squarespace expert. Be sure to have a pen and paper ready, you’re going to walk away with a page stuffed full of notes, and strategies you can implement yourself to up your website game. Plus, you’ll also receive a copy of my Design Best Practices Cheat Sheet, and my Client Conversion Machine Workbook.

+ What will we talk about?

First, we’ll cover any specific questions you might have, then we’ll get into the audit, where I give you a designers perspective on how your site is serving your business and how it’s not. Plus, you'll walk away with a ton of tips, strategies and step-by-step guides on how to tweak your current site to make it really shine.

+ I’m embarrassed to show my website to a pro...

Just like your gyno, I’ve seen it all! So gal don’t worry, this is a judgement-free zone. After our call you’ll be cured of your website shame for good!

+ What program do you use for the video call?

Google Hangouts. I always suggest trying out a Google Hangout call if you’ve never used it before, just to get familiar with it before our appointment.

+ Can I claim this as a business expense?

Yep! You’ll be emailed a receipt right after you book. Keep a copy of it for tax time!

+ What happens if I miss/forget about the call?

You’re going to stand me up?! Well now, this is rather upsetting news... No ma’am, there’s no refunds or rescheduling for no-shows. So be sure to write that time in your calendar, on your hand, on your dog, wherever works.

5 mins before our call I'll shoot you an email with the link. Click through the link and we'll get auditing!

+ What happens after I book?

You’ll be sent an email receipt. On the day of your audit, 5 mins before our appointment time, I’ll send you a link to a Google Hangout, and we’ll get started! You'll also receive a copy of the Design Best Practices Cheat Sheet and Client Conversion Machine Workbook on the day of our call.

+ How can I pay?

You can securely pay by credit card online.

+ Yasss I’m ready! How do I book?

Click here, pick the time in the calendar that works best for you, and make your payment easily online.

Your question wasn’t answered? Oh no!  paige @ thepaigestudio . com