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*Dreamy potential client lands on your site*

Is YOUR SITE making heads turn & wallets open?

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So, you need a website that kills the competition, and a designer with you every step of the way?

Because right now you’re clueless on how to update your own site, and ‘build new site’ has been in the back of your mind for far too long.
Gal, you’re in the right place.



  • Your business is legit, your site doesn’t do a very good job of showing it though.
  • It rarely converts visitors into new leads & clients.
  • It could use some help in the ‘getting potential clients to where they need to be’ department.


  • Competition? Ha! You’ve got both the best looking & best converting site in your industry.
  • It gets visitors to the pages that matter (ahem - the moneymakers!) quick!
  • It’s a conversion machine - growing your list and leads, daily.
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You’re overwhelmed by site options, advice from people who know nothing about your business and your list of site build q's is at 22.



You’re ready for the next level of success in business, but can’t move even one step further until you get your site situation sorted. 

You’re ready for a site that truly reflects you,

A business that’s killing it,

Oh, and looking at your competition in the rear view mirror!

You’re so not down to be just another client in a sea of many. You’re ready to work on a personal level with a designer who actually cares about you and your businesses success.

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Gush. Swoon. Launch.

2 week website

A Squarespace website tailored perfectly to your business, built to convert!

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2 week website + brand

A cohesive, match-made-in-heaven Squarespace website & brand


A site building process you’ll actually (dare I say it) enjoy!


Week 1.

We’ll chat all about your business, your site goals and get on the same page style-wise.

Then, kick up those (super cute) heels, I’ll do all the site building and tech stuff.

I'll also make sure your new site ticks all the boxes on design, function and SEO.


Week 2.

You see your site & list off as many edits as you’d like! We'll keep the edits going until you're Beyonce level crazy-in-love.

On the last day of your design period, I’ll give you a full Squarespace lesson, so you feel confident updating and editing your own site in the future & we'll launch your site together!

BAM! That’s how you launch a site in just 2 weeks!
Stop stressing. I'm there for you every step of the way gal!

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The 2 week website

 All-inclusive website design

  • Completely customized website design created for both desktop & mobile (up to 10 pages)

  • Coming soon landing page

  • SEO

  • Custom website buttons & icons

All-inclusive service

  • 1 hr initial consultation

  • 1.5 hr live Squarespace lesson

  • Mood board + color palette

The 2 week website + brand

All-inclusive website design

  • Completely customized website design created for both desktop & mobile (up to 10 pages)

  • Coming soon landing page

  • SEO

  • Custom website buttons & icons

3 branding collateral items

  • eg. logo, opt-in gift PDF, pricing catalog, event flyer, business cards, media kit, social media banners, etc.

All-inclusive service

  • 1 hr initial consultation

  • 1.5 hr live Squarespace lesson

  • Mood board, color palette & branding guidelines


50% due upon booking, 50% due upon completion.
Additional pages, collateral items & e-commerce store addition also available.


"I am not afraid to display my prices because my website shows that I take my craft seriously."

Interview with Past client Dara Perreira, founder of Sequel PD

Before working with Paige I felt... Frustrated with spending years (yes, years) on do-it-yourself websites. It never came out the way I really wanted it to. Then I felt confused when I read in many blogs that you just need to throw a website together to be in business and the content will speak for itself. However, there are so many coaches out there that I wanted to be sure that I stood out in not just content, but my brand and how I presented myself.

Did you have any fears before working with the studio? I was exhausted and feeling defeated with spinning my wheels and I needed a better solution. Yes, the investment is not something that suits everyone, but I knew that if I wanted it done right and on time, I would need to do this. I don't feel that I made an investment in a website, I made an investment in me. I am super confident to direct people to my website because it's professional, creative, functional and is a perfect reflection of me.


How has your new site change your business?: I have a family with 2 young children and work a full-time job which I love. Just getting up and running is a huge task given the limited time I have. I'm just so happy to have completed this huge piece of my business plan in 2 weeks!

I also believe this new website will bring me the clients that I want to work with. Paige listened to what I hoped to show of myself through the site and she nailed it! I believe that looking professional, fun and approachable is key in building a relationship with my readers and clients. I am not afraid to display my prices and get people to book directly through the site because my website shows that I take my craft seriously.

If I did a cost analysis on what I spent in the past trying to create my own website, I spent money on hosting, templates, stock photos, etc. However, the biggest cost was my time in trying to do it myself and in not getting my content to market fast enough. I can tell you that I spent way more than what my investment was with Paige.

Having a website will allow me to be able to reach more like-minded people around the world and create a community around success in their businesses. I want people to be able to experience success like I have. With that will come more revenue and gradually more valuable offerings from me that people can invest in to continue their business journey.


Since launching my new site... I don't have to do tons of work on my website! I love looking at the analytics and seeing what social media and other marketing tools are working to drive traffic. People have been complimenting me on how great the site looks and when I get referrals from current clients, I direct them to the website to answer questions they may have or see the various services. Having Paige create my website has saved me tons of time!

Paige was the right choice of a Squarespace web designer for me because... Paige's skills are unbelievable!! Her creativity and her knowledge of Squarespace is like no other. I was drawn to her website and her business success as a solopreneur and I already felt that she is part of the women's business community that I want to support.








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Ohhh look, the interwebs just got a little prettier!

*Bubbly on hand for launch day strongly encouraged.

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Booking inquiry

Eeeek! I'm fully booked for 2018.

All good.
Here's how I can help!


I'd be happy to put you in touch with some of my many skilled Squarespace designer friends!

Complete the form below and I'll make the introduction between you and a trusted designer.

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I’m Paige Brunton, a Squarespace website designer helping gals just like me take their business to the next level of success with a clean & modern website.
I have created an entire site design process that allows you to partner one-on-one with a web pro bestie and launch your site in just 2 weeks.


Because entrepreneurs need to focus on the important things, like making money and propelling their business to the next level of success, not sobbing in website-overwhelm land!

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Squarespaces pages built



Average client star review



Launch day glasses clinked


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+ What types of clients do you work with?

Primarily female creative entrepreneurs.

+ How much time will this take me?

Fun fact: Most of the work on the clients end happens well before the design period!

Pre-design client homework: 1 hr - 7 hrs. This includes creating a Pinterest inspiration board, completing 2 questionnaires & compiling content. If you already have photos and text ready, closer to 1 hr, if you need to take photos or write copy, closer to 7.

Week 1: 1 hour for our initial consultation call

Week 2: 30 mins per list of edits, 1.5 hrs for our lesson & launch call

+ What exactly is included in the packages?

You’ll receive a completely custom built website (up to 10 pages) that is ready to launch on the last day of your design period, and all the design files that were used to create the site.

You’ll have a designer all to yourself and unlimited rounds of edits within your 2 week period. Plus, a 1.5 hr Squarespace lesson and a designer with you every step of the way, right up to the launch of your site.

Other bits included: SEO, Google Analytics setup, coming soon page, RSS feed, mood board + color palette, custom buttons & icons, domain linking, and linking up any 3rd party integrations.

If you book The 2 Week Website & Brand: 3 graphic items are also included, eg. logo, opt-in gift, pricing catalog, event flyer, business cards, media kit, social media banners, etc.

Not included: Site content - copy & images must come from you gal, as well as any custom illustrations, fonts, paintings, or calligraphy, etc.

+ What design date should I choose?

A design without content will make your website look a little … well, naked.

If you have photos and text content prepared (say, on a current website) choose the next available design date.

If you need to write your text content and take photos, choose a start date 1 month out.

If you'll be hiring others to write your text and take photos, choose a start date 2+ months out. Speak with your photographer and copywriter to get a firm estimate of how long the project(s) will take them and book accordingly.

These suggestions work for most client's, however be sure to adjust according to how busy your schedule is.

+ What’s your next available design date?

My design calendar on my website is always up to date. I update it within 24 hrs of a new client booking, so it’s always current.

+ Can you launch my site by a certain date?

If there’s an available design date before your needed launch date, then yes ma’am! I have a perfect record of on-time site launches, so go plan that business grand opening party, marketing campaign or conference speaking event. Your site will be ready!

+ Do you outsource any of your work?

Outsource the building of your businesses online home to someone else? Gosh no! That’s not how I run my business. It’s just you and me gal. Business bestie-ing it up and building you a site you L.O.V.E.

+ Is Squarespace right for me?

Squarespace is perfect for those who value modern & clean design, and would like a website that won’t cause them technical nightmares.

I suggest Squarespace for entrepreneurs, creative professionals, small business owners, and bloggers. I would not suggest Squarespace if you run a large business, or an organization with complex website requirements (forums, very complex booking systems, online shops requiring individual client login accounts, etc.)

+ How much does using Squarespace cost?

Most of my clients use the $12 or $18/month plan. Included in this is the cost of website hosting. You'll also need to purchase a domain name (roughly $10-$20/year).

+ Can I keep my current domain?

Yes, you sure can!

+ If I book today, how much do I pay?

You pay 50% of your package price; this saves your spot in the design calendar. Then on the last day of your two week design period, just before launch, you'll pay the 50% remainder.

+ What happens after I book?

You'll receive an email with the studio's Welcome Package. It will walk you through preparing your content; you can get started right away if you'd like! I will also follow up by email with a contract to be signed. (You can sign it easily online). Once the contract is signed, your preferred design date will be saved for you and become unavailable to others.

+ Yass I’m ready! How do I hire you?

There’s 2 steps to get the ball rolling!

1. Complete the booking inquiry form here.

2. Book a call time into my calendar here.

We’ll hop on the phone to chat to ensure we’re a perfect fit, then if we’re ready to move forward, I’ll send you over an invoice and contract to sign. Once you’ve paid your deposit and signed the contract, you’re all booked in! Your design date will be saved with your name and become unavailable for anyone else.

+ How many projects do you work on at a time?

I take on just 1 major project at a time, that is a 2 Week Website or a 2 Week Website & Brand. I also do minor work, mostly for past clients, (adding a new page to their site, designing business cards, etc.) at the same time as a major project. My major project is always my main focus for those 2 weeks.