Lemme guess... You stumbled upon Squarespace, fell in love, and started toying with a crazy idea...
“Maybe I could be a Squarespace web designer?”

Uhh… Did we just become best friends? Yep!


OG Squarespace Expert
Wanna-be European
Crazy dreams enthusiast

OG Squarespace Expert · Wanna-be European · Crazy dreams enthusiast

Let me guess…

Something BIG just happened
in your life.

You had a baby. Or finished college. Or your boss crossed the line one time too many. Maybe you moved far from home to be with the guy. (Samesies on that last one!)
… And now you’re secretly planning your next steps.

✓ Using your creativity
✓ Ability to work from wherever
✓ Fabulous pay
✓ Working on your own schedule
(“Well hello 9 AM yoga class!”)

Oh friend, I so get it. Just a couple years ago I was in your exact same shoes. (Speaking of which, those are cute, where did you get them?!)

Being a Squarespace designer feels like it could tick all the boxes for you.

But you have some fears

“Who’s going to take me seriously as a web designer, I didn’t study that!”
“Proper portfolio? Mmm about that… I don’t actually have one.”
“Being responsible for my own paycheque feels kinda terrifying.”
“What if I fall flat on my face and fail? What will my family say then?”

Lemme tell you my story.

To be honest, it all started in a bar in Mississippi.

I bumped into a very charming German guy in a bar in college. After a year of long-distance dating, I pulled the cliche ‘buy a one-way ticket move’ to be with him in Europe.

After landing in Germany I realized that with my non-existent German skills, my job prospects were, well… none.

(So much for that Masters degree I never used!)

Thankfully, I had built a blog and a couple sites before for fun on Squarespace and that was about the extent of my “very professional website design education.”

But without a job in Germany, I’d be forced to go back home.

So I threw caution to the wind and opened my own Squarespace web design business online.

It was all very official of course. I spent months Googling how to build Squarespace sites from my couch and actually got pretty decent at landing clients online and building websites.

After completely booking out my design services months in advance, I had a new problem on my hands.

“How do I handle all the inquiries coming my way?”

That’s when I switched over to teaching my Squarespace and business skills to others so I could actually serve all the people coming my way.



I did it all from my (new, greatly-improved) couch. (Oh and I married the German guy!)

So if you’re ready to chase your dream and build a Squarespace design business, then I’m going to be the best Cheer Mom you’ve ever had!

You go Glen Coco.

Building a job that works with your work-life balance dreams (not against them)? I’m here for it! I’ve done it! And I’ll show you how to as well!





My Why?

I’m driven by the belief that we all deserve to have the skills necessary to be self-reliant. That means no more begging for a raise, or hoping for a change in our circumstances! I know that with a little bit of education, you can create extraordinary upgrades in your own life!

I teach aspiring web designers about the two most essential ingredients to create a life of their own design:

✓ The skills to build fabulous Squarespace websites
✓ The knowledge to build a successful web design business

If you’re looking for a mentor who provides empowering, achievable, step-by-step courses, then I’m your girl! Join a course and I’ll give you both the big picture strategy and specific tools to help you achieve what felt impossible before.

So if you’re a design-conscious aspiring designer with a dream of building beautiful things on the internet, being self-reliant, earning a fabulous income online and designing a business that works with your work-life balance dreams, not against them, then it’s time you joined the crew!


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Weekly advice, tutorials, tips & encouragement to make your web designer dreams your reality.


Meet the team

PAIGE: Founder

VICKY: Tech Queen

HELEN: Irresistible Content & Delightful Customer Service

We’re committed to running our business by these VALUES:

Reliability · Delightful & genuinely helpful customer service · Move the needle (efficiency) · Learning · Integrity


Pop Quiz!

What do you need to know before you can start a Squarespace web design business?
If you answered ‘Squarespace skills & strategic site-building knowledge’ you’re right!

Square Secrets™ is the most popular & comprehensive Squarespace website building course online! Over 2,000+ happy students and counting have completed Square Secrets™ and 100% would recommend it to a friend!

Square Secrets™ secrets equips you with all the skills & knowledge you’ll need to build both a fabulous, client-winning website for yourself and for your future clients!

When you complete Square Secrets™ you can rest in the knowledge that you have the web design skills to build any client a website they’ll be excited to send their clients & customers to!

You’ll never feel constrained to a template again but instead will know how to build completely custom sites from the ground up.

Expect to confidently reply to any client with “yes, I can create that for you!” knowing you have the skills to build a site that perfectly reflects any business.

By the end of Square Secrets™, you’ll be able to build sites that are knockouts both in terms of looks & functionality.

The course places an intense focus not just on making sites look good, but also building sites with strategy infused on every page, meaning your websites will open both hearts and wallets.


Website conversion strategy

Web design best practices

Squarespace advanced secrets

Mobile site design & launch prep

Template picking

Squarespace tech basics

Squarespace SEO

Squarespace e-commerce setup



Once you’ve nailed your website-building skills, it’s time to put them to good use and build a business with them! That’s where Square Secrets Business™ comes in.

I turned a web design hobby into my full-time job in a matter of months, SEO’ed my way to the #1 spot in Google for the term ‘Squarespace web designer’ booked out my business months in advance and landed $9,000 client projects.

With Square Secrets Business™ as your guide, I’ll show you exactly how I did it, and give you the blueprint, resources & tools you need to get your Squarespace web design business up and running in a matter of weeks. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel, and spend years on trial & error when there’s a clear system that’s been proven to work, that is, Square Secrets Business™!

Hundreds of students have taken the course and successfully made the leap into being their own boss as a Squarespace designer; they have 9-5 resignation letters and booked out design calendars to prove it!

The best part? Inside Square Secrets Business™ you won’t just have me as your teacher, I’ve brought in the biggest names in Squarespace website design and online business to share their client-finding and marketing strategies too.

With this panel of experts years of knowledge and all the done-for-you course resources, you’ll truly have everything you need to make your designer dream your reality.


Business foundations: packaging, pricing & process creation

Finding clients

Hosting client consultation

How to tweak the design process for client sites

Portfolio building with or without clients

Marketing strategies from the experts

Client onboarding, payments, contracts & CRMs

Managing business finances

How to legally set up a web design business

Preparing for your taxes as a web designer

How to pay yourself a consistent salary

What you need in your client contract

How to build Squarespace templates

Keeping projects on schedule


Which client-finding method matches your

Discover the strategy that will have you attracting web design clients with ease!

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