You’ve thrown your full heart into your business. Others call you crazy, but you keep working at your business dreams anyway.

Then the day came to build your business an online home... 

You quickly realized that you have a zillion fab site ideas, paired with complete cluelessness at how to build a website.

Cluelessness soon led to semi-frantic Googling which led to feelings of massive overwhelm... and then you found me!

No worries gal, I get it.

I realize that while you’re an absolute expert in your field, tech stuff isn’t so much your thing, so that’s why I'm here to help.

Paige Brunton Squarespace Website Designer.jpg

I’m Paige Brunton, a Squarespace website designer helping the gals just like me take their business to the next level of success with a clean & modern website.
I have created an entire site design process that allows you to partner one-on-one with a web pro bestie and launch your site in just 2 weeks. (No overwhelm necessary.)
Oh, you'd like the personal details, eh?

I graduated with a Master of Arts from Ole Miss and while I’m from Toronto, I love nothing more than taking trips abroad! 

I'm also forever on the hunt for the best white wine and a perfect hammock for naps.



So how’d I get started in web design?

Funny story really. It all started in a Mississippi swamp.

No really, I'm serious.
While visiting an environmental education non-profit smack dab in the middle of a Mississippi swamp, I asked about the challenges of running their organization.
The non-profit staff spoke confidently about their work, but eventually admitted, the organization was struggling and needed to market itself better.

Their biggest problem? Their website.
'It’s embarrassing, our site looks terrible.'

'We meet others and try to get more people involved, but when they want to find out more about us later, we avoid sending them to our site because it just doesn’t represent who we are.'
I put my Squarespace skills to work, and created them a website they were proud to show off. 

I knew that this organization wasn't alone.

Many entrepreneurs and business owners feel alone and confused in the usual pain-in-the-buns process that is creating a website.
So, for the past 2 years I continued to create online homes for countless other entrepreneurs, creatives, small businesses and non-profits.
I’ve since found that my true passion lies in working with female online entrepreneurs who value a clean & boutique style.

The go-getter gals who need a beautiful online home to help take their business to the next level of success.

Ready to launch a site you love that will help take your business to the next level of success?

Into having a web pro bestie on your side and a simple process that is designed to help you go live, no feelings of overwhelm included?


The studio was one of the first members of Squarespace Circle, the community for creative professionals that build websites with Squarespace.





+ What Squarespace template do you use?


+ Do you accept guest posts?

Not at this time.

+ Do you offer small tweaks or do hourly work?

Only for past clients. Not to worry though, if you haven't met the website Use Sixty yet, it's time you did! Use Sixty has Squarespace experts on demand to help you via live video screenshare with any site tweaks you need. Good news! I also got you a little somethin'-somethin' off the price tag. Here's a $20 Use Sixty credit just for you gal!


*I like making money. (Who doesn't?) You bet there's affiliate links sprinkled throughout this site! If you make a purchase through some of the links in this site, I make a commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks gal!