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It recently hit you . . .

What if I’m always tied to this desk and this city?!

What if I never get to go live the life I want?

And seriously, 2 weeks vacation? Uh hello, I’ve got the world to see, that’s just not enough!

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Quarter life crisis? . . . Is that you?

Others call you crazy, but honestly the 9-5 grind, the corporate ladder, and the stable but painfully unfulfilling job (what I call the ‘real world’) is so not your jam.

Then you realized, an online business, that’s the answer!

Though you quickly determined that while you have a ton of passion and lots of dreams, you’re totally clueless as to how to turn that into a profitable business which allows you the income and freedom you desire. Hmm . . . bit of a pickle.

Cluelessness soon led to semi-frantic Googling about how to build an online business, and then you found me!

No worries girl, I so get it.

I realize that while you’ve got the go-getter personality to do the work necessary, you’re not really sure how to turn that motivation into a successful online business. And that’s where I step in!

Mission: To encourage and educate go-getter girls to ditch the ‘real world’ and start building an online business that enables them to live their ideal, freedom-filled lifestyle.

✓ Lifestyle freedom
✓ Location freedom
✓ Financial freedom
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Oh whoops, I should probably introduce myself.

Hey, I’m Paige!

It was just a couple years ago that I was dutifully sitting in a lecture hall at college, figuring I’d graduate and go work in corporate for the next 35 years.

But then, I met a charming German guy and my life plan changed. I pulled the *typical Hollywood movie move* and bought a one-way ticket to Germany. I realized upon landing that I needed a job, but there was a slight problem, I didn’t speak German.

I was faced with the challenge to find a way to build an online business that allowed me the ability to work with English-speaking clients online.

I settled upon being a website designer. I had built a blog before and had played around with site design as a hobby. Legit experience, knowledge of coding or a degree in tech? I had none of those.

I knew though that if failed, I’d have to end my relationship and move back home, so my online business had to work.

I’ll be honest, the fears were real. “What if I don’t make enough to pay my bills? How do you attract clients when you can’t network face-to-face? I just studied for 6 years and have a bunch of student loans, what if I waste my degrees?!”

But my stubborn self decided I was going to make it work. “Just watch me,” I thought!

I quickly learned the ropes of running an online business that enabled me to live in abroad, work creatively, and the best part, have complete location, time and income freedom!

Today I run a multiple 6 figure online business from the road. I split my year between Germany, my hometown in Canada, and digital-nomad filled tropical destinations.

But I very clearly remember the early days and how much hard work it took to get here. Now, I’m stoked to show other aspiring online business owners just how possible it is to make this life your reality too through my blog, podcast and courses!


When you think ‘online business educator’ you probably think sleazy ads, 6 figure income promises and clickbaity headlines. That’s so not my thing. I strive to be the educator who shares valuable content

for the girls who are over their 9-5 and who just need a path to follow and the encouragement to walk it,

in a time of showing but not telling exactly how an online business is built and a freedom-filled lifestyle is achieved.

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The Details:



Milton, Ontario, Canada


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Hannover, Germany





Alma Maters

Ole Miss (USA), Brock Uni (Canada), Keele Uni (England)


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Cottage Country, Canada


Lake Como, Italy


Val Thorens, French Alps


Bali, Indonesia


Vermont, USA


Harz Mountains, Germany

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