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Hey, I’m Paige! I skipped the 9-5 grind and started an online business straight out of college. Now, I’m spilling the beans on how myself and others build online businesses that allow complete lifestyle, location and financial freedom!

It’s my mission to encourage & educate go-getter girls to ditch the ‘real world’ and start building an online business that enables them to live their ideal, freedom-filled lifestyle.

So my question to you is, “are you ready to get after your dreams?!” Was that a “heck yes” I just heard? Perfect! Scroll down for how to get started.


Online Business Matchmaker

Free training + workbook

You know you want an online business which allows you a lifestyle of complete freedom, buttt you’re stuck figuring out which online business idea would actually work for you.

This 30 min training will help you nail your perfect online business idea!

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Start Your Squarespace Site Workbook

Free workbook

You’re ready to build a site for your online business… but you’re clueless on how to pick the right template. You’re also not sure how to get your site to convert and worried your site will look eerily similar to your inspiration sites. Eeeek!
This free workbook help with all this and more!

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Square Secrets Course

You know you need a killer website for your online business, but when you go to build one tech overwhelm hits! “Why can’t someone just explain how to build a site in a way a non-nerd can understand?”

This course is your answer to building a completely custom & fabulous Squarespace website!

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“My confidence has truly skyrocketed. Paige really helped me overcome my imposter syndrome about being self-taught in business. We have already doubled our prices and expect to easily fill our calendar in the next year!” - Shay Schindler


“Within the next six months, I expect to reach my goal of $10,000/month. I can't wait to run my business full-time, with the ability to work whenever I want.” - Jennifer Bierds


“After YEARS of trying to make it as an entrepreneur and ending up back in a 9-5 over and over again, last year I reached my breaking point and took your course which has changed my life. I'll now be able to support myself doing something I love while having the freedom to travel and explore a life of purpose.” - Amber Shannon


1st or Next Web Design Client

Free guide

As a web designer for 4 years, I’ve learned a thing or two about landing clients and now I’m sharing my secrets with you! If you feel like you’re running in circles trying to find clients but coming up empty handed, then enter your details below to get immediate access to this free guide!

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    Square Secrets Business Course

    So, you’ve got some serious Squarespace skills and now you want to work with clients to start bringing in income doing something that you love, wahoo! If you want to be a Squarespace website designer, but aren’t quite sure how to go about setting up your business for success, this course will help you get your business built + launched!

    ✓Business strategy ✓Marketing plan ✓Processes ✓Systems ✓Confidence

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    “I feel ready to take on clients now! 2019 is going to be the year that I kick ass, pay off debt, and build a business I truly love.” - Sarah Braun


    “Before working with Paige, I had no idea what I was doing and my business quickly flopped. Working with Paige has been has been a complete life-changer.”- Rebecca Bunz

    Rebecca Bunz
    Freya-Rose Tanner

    “Before taking your course I had left my 9-5 but was also hiding at home believing I wasn't good enough to actually do this. Thank goodness your course found its way to me and has given me not just the technical skills but the biggest confidence boost!” - Freya-Rose Tanner


    to you bestie, on your
    online business success

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