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Thinking about joining the courses but want some proof they really work? This page is dedicated solely to my amazing past students and their success stories!

There's days where I'm like, holy crap, I just got paid like $16,000 in a day.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Hey, I’m Lindsay DeLong, the founder of City Living Network!

previous job

I’ve never had a nine to five job. Like I’m not the type of person that can do it. When I graduated college, I became a flight attendant because I was like, I need something to pay my bills because writing doesn’t because I was writing for every publication in Southern California for free, just to get my name out there.

And so I’ve never had a nine to five job. I need to be able to fly somewhere on a whim or, you know, go do something in the middle of the day. I need that kind of freedom. And so I’ve just really loved that Laguna Beach Living and web design and City Living Network have provided me this opportunity to work as much or as little as I want. 

NOW EArning

"My first year being a flight attendant I probably made $19,000 my first year. And now I send out proposals for this much and 24 year old Lindsay worked for a year for that."

Someone that’s looking to get into a career where they can be their own boss, where they can easily get to $10,000 a month if they want, and spend the same amount of time that they’re spending at college, they can get there by buying an online course! I learned so much from yours. I’ve taken some other courses before, but I feel like I’ve learned the most from Square Secrets™️ & Square Secrets Business™️.

I loved your teaching style. I loved how classy you are and how, the modules, the videos, the PDFs and the documents that you give are so streamlined and professional. And I became a huge fan. 

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Lindsay's advice

So for my general web design packages I have one that will take me less than a week, and that’s starts at $3,200, but it’s just for the most basic website. But if you want any add-ons like a shop page it will be this much more. So it ends up being around $5,000, depending what you want, if you want blog articles or whatever. Then I have whole kit and caboodle package and that starts at $6,000. That one comes with a bit more stuff. 

And then I have created a business called The City Living Network [...] which is way more than just a web design. 

I like to wake up pretty early because I’m so excited. Yesterday I got invited to a press trip up in Santa Inez valley, which is for three days and I get to go horseback riding. And I got invited on an Alaska cruise.

Every day is so different and you never know who’s going to pop in your inbox and be like, I need a website about this. Or I want to highlight my city here in London or wherever, you know? So it’s just exciting to be able to wake up and not know what kind of thing is going to happen.

Lindsay delong |

That package, is $11,497. It’s a 30 day process. So in 30 days it’s launched and ready to go.

I raised my rates to 10K and above per project as a SAHM web designer!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Hey, I’m Aliyyah Anshan, the founder of Aliyyah AnshanWebsite Design!

previous job

I actually started as a virtual assistant. I had already had my first baby and I didn’t want to commute back to a big city. And so I thought, how can I make this work? What skills do I already have?

While working with a therapist postpartum who needed help with her website I kind of threw it out there; Hey, I’m a virtual assistant so I can do like anything! And she needed help with her website and that’s what kind of got me thinking that I could totally do this! I can work from home and still have time with my baby and not miss out on any important milestones.

NOW EArning

The next four or five months are booked and that’s from one client who shared her experience with her group, and literally in 24 hours I got over 20 inquiries.

If I’m going to make a serious go at [being a website designer], why not prepare myself, not just the design aspect, but the business aspect, which I had no experience in. And it was really scary to invest in myself. It was the first online course and I was really nervous about it. I remember researching everything.

But when I got into the design part of the course, it was like night and day. I can’t think of any other course that could better prepare you as a designer and then on the business side – the ins and outs and the best practices of how to build yourself a successful website design business.

You will learn something at every point, every module, even in bonuses. I don’t even know where to start, but it’s just jam packed with things you wouldn’t think you needed. You’ll just be so happy that you invested in that way in yourself and in your business.

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aliyyah's advice

On average [my prices] are about $5,000. That would be for the homepage, about page, services page and contact page – so the main pages. Anything above that, depending on who I’m working with and how expensive you want to get, the price can go up. And I did feel like I was over delivering even on those projects at that price point. 

I think the best part is being able to take time as I need to or want to, whether it be for me or my kids, my family, or even taking a little bit more time for my personal life or my business. I have that control and I don’t think I could get that anywhere else.

Aliyyah Anshan |

That’s why I raised my rates to 10K and above!

Right now we're charging about $3,500 for a six-page website.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Hey, I’m Carly Kerndt, the founder of FlyDog Digital!

previous job

I got started with my business in September - October of 2020. I started after I got laid off from my full-time job due to Covid. My boss at the time told me that she wanted to set up a call and I thought she was setting up a call with me to give me a promotion because I'd been promised a promotion for six months but she was like, you're laid off, and I was like "WHAT??"

After roughly a month of this nightmare of applying for jobs, I said to myself if nobody is going to hire me, then I will hire me. And I started a business and I started just offering virtual assistant services because I knew I could do that & I was mostly offering was social media management because I have a degree in marketing.

NOW EArning

I run an agency, so it's me, and then I'm sending out an offer letter for my seventh hire today. So things have grown really fast and I'm super excited about that. 

I had no idea what I was doing. I have a marketing degree, but I don't know anything about design best practices. I knew the basics because I watched some free videos, but I didn't know the strategy behind website design, writing copy or anything else I've learned in Square Secrets Business™. So when I was looking for courses to take, I wanted yours because it was exactly what I needed. 

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CARLY's advice

When I started my business I think I was charging around 20 or $30 an hour. I started the business because I needed to make money. 

Right now we're charging about $3,500 for a six-page website. It will likely go up in the very near future as you should always continue to raise your rates as we get better and as we have better designs and better processes.

I'm excited to get up. I love all the clients that we work with. I feel very fulfilled in helping small business owners sort of reach their dreams too.

I also like being able to set my own schedule. I like being able to take my dog on a walk in the middle of the day. I like being able to go to doctor's appointments whenever I need them.

For me, it feels like exactly where I'm supposed to be in my corporate career. 

carly kerndt |

In terms of what the agency brings in, it's probably like 9x my corporate salary!!!

Hi, I’m Alyssia, the founder of Virtual Freedom Design

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“I have only been in business for 4 months and I have booked $22,550 in projects.”

previous job

Before I started my business, I was in school full-time to be a teacher. I was also working at a Montessori school to gain experience and get the typical 9-5 job that I thought was in store for my future. I started to feel the burnout of working full-time…

NOW EArning

In my first 4 month as a web designer, I’ve booked $22K in projects!

I also just hit my first $9K month and am booked 4-5 months in advance! 

Now I’m charging $5,000-$6000 per project [just a couple months later. ]

As I said, I’m booked up and not taking any more clients for the rest of the year, so I’m actually restructuring my pricing and offerings. 

I’m creating a new high level, high investment program where I’ll offer web design, branding, copywriting, opt-in gift design, blog launch social media…a lot more strategy.

So it will basically be a “get your business started” package where I’ll be working with a single client for 3 months…

I plan to offer packages that are starting at $15,000.

alyssia's advice

Since I didn’t have any experience or any past clients to put in my portfolio to market myself, I just used what Paige teaches inside the courses to determine what my dream client would look like, and I created a brand and website for them! 

I didn’t see it as a practice project…I saw it as a real client. I created a whole presentation for the project and shared screenshots of it. 

I had a lot of people reach out to me afterwards about my launch discount, ready to sign up right away!

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My life feels very free! That’s actually why I named my business ‘Virtual Freedom' because that is what it has offered me. 

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Hi, I’m Layne, the founder of Layne Alexandra Steege

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“In Q1 I had already made more than what I made the entire previous year!”

previous job

I had zero experience in web design. I was a professional figure skater, actually!

NOW EArning

My first month going full-time on my own as a web designer, I had a $9K month!

I'm up to the point where I'm charging for just me to work on a project, about $3k, depending on the client's needs. 

Then once the team is going, we will be charging around $6k per project.

(Fun fact: In just 3 months after deciding to go all in on her web design business, it has grown to the point where she’s now bringing on a team! #goals)

layne's advice

It might sound dramatic, but you could literally change your life if you take [Square Secrets™️ & Square Secrets Business™️]. They are so good!

Paige gives you every piece of information that you need to become a successful designer!

It's been two years now since I've gone through them, and I STILL go back just to be get a refresher here and there!

our favorite words

Don't be afraid to say “I'm a web designer, this is what I do!” Tell everyone you know! Get the word out, don't keep it to yourself. 

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So if you feel like it's calling to you, and you feel it in your gut, then just trust it and go for it!

Hi, I’m Ayesha, the founder of Ayesha Santos

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“I’ve hit my first $10K month as a web designer!”

previous job

I have a little bit of an interesting ‘career graph’ you might call it. I actually went to culinary school! So I used to be a pastry chef 👩‍🍳 but I quickly realized that lifestyle just didn’t fit! 

NOW EArning

At just six months in on my side-hustle I was already matching my full-time job’s income. 

In a year, I was already reaching my first $10k month as a designer.

My web design packages are now starting from $5000-$8000.

After taking Square Secrets™️, I realized that it was so much more than just a design course! There was strategy in there - which I didn't realize I needed at the time but now really appreciate!

I think as a designer, you need to work on the strategy portion, and learn why things get laid out the way they do, and how you can make your designs more effective while also bringing that aesthetic value.

our favorite words

I’m so grateful I was able to take the courses…it opened up so many opportunities and the possibility that I could do something that I really love, make a buttload of money, AND have so much purpose in my life!

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Hi, I’m Charlotte, the founder of Charlotte Duckworth Studio

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“By the first summer, I was completely booked out for the rest of the year.”

previous job

I initially trained as a journalist, working for interior design magazines. I actually used to help out quite a lot with their websites because everyone in publishing was very “anti-websites,” since they were taking all the traffic.

NOW EArning

Then, by Christmas, I was already booked out for this entire year, too!

I have a higher rate package, which is very expensive. And that's for people who are very established—successful authors, who’ve been writing for years and have a lot of books. 

Because I was getting so many inquiries, I raised my prices!

It's very helpful and reassuring when you can see somebody else has done something, and they're giving you the exact formula that they used. Paige is very generous with what she shares, so you won't feel like you're being shortchanged!

our favorite words

If you enjoy this kind of thing, it's so satisfying, and completely flexible…I love being able to fit things things around what I want. 

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charlotte's advice

By the first summer, I was completely booked out for the rest of the year. 

The main thing is I'm not worried about money in the same way that I was. 

If I need to earn more money…if suddenly I was like “I want to pay for a holiday,” I just do a massive marketing push and book a few more websites!

We are now bringing in over $30,000 a month consistently, all since I enrolled in this course at the beginning of the year.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Hi, I’m Sydney, the founder of xxv.agency

previous job

I was an art major in college, so I just designed my first Squarespace website because I wanted to sell my own art online. And after about six months of trying to figure out how to work Squarespace, I had finally built a website…and I hated it. I started researching and so many of the answers have been on your blog! I actually knew back in college I wanted to take the courses and when I finally took them, not even like two lessons in, I was like “this is so worth it!”

NOW EArning

“I took Square Secrets™️ & Square Secrets Business™️ courses and went from making $3K a month to $30K a month.”

We are now bringing in over $30,000 a month consistently, all since I enrolled in this course at the beginning of the year.

In less than one year we have grown our monthly revenue 10x. 

I should have taken Paige’s courses the second I thought I wanted to be a web designer. I truly wish I had!

The rate we are growing at now, if I had done this years ago, it would have been such a game changer! I’m so glad I took it when I did, but to hold off would have just prolonged this period of flailing around.

our favorite words

I was truly blown away by the things I learned in this course.”

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sydney's advice

Before taking this course, I was all on my own, designing solo, finding clients by word of mouth, and doing all of the client communication and booking processes by hand.

Now I have set up systems that allow me to automate my marketing strategy, booking and paying processes, and my client communication. I have hired several Squarespace designers who work for me so I can focus on brand design and my marketing strategy for my business. 

Take the time to learn what you need to do, instead of wasting time figuring out what you need to learn.

People kind of judge Squarespace thinking “oh anyone can use a template and build a website.”

But so much more goes into my designs [after taking Square Secrets™️]…I’m designing from a user interface standpoint now, which is game-changing!

I’ve realized “I know what I’m doing now!” and my services are worth a lot!

sydney williams  |

sydney's advice

It's truly like the best decision I could have ever made. I would not be pulling in what I do, or managing the team that I manage, if I hadn't taken these courses. 

I reached my first $9K month as a web designer!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Hi, I’m Mariana, the founder of Desk&Design

previous job

The last business that I had before starting Desk & Design involved a lot of making. It was an herbal business where I made self-care products for moms. That got really exhausting to be in my kitchen all the time, standing and making the same things over, and over, and over again! I just decided one day that that was not in alignment with how I wanted to live my day and my life, and so I started thinking about what would be! 

NOW EArning

“I've reached my first $5K week and my first $9k month in the past months and I am booked quite a few months ahead.”

My web design packages are now starting from $9,500.

I've built Desk & Design from the ground up to support MY lifestyle and MY big-picture dreams. Square Secrets ™️ and Square Secrets Business™️ were instrumental in making that happen! If you know a life of flexibility, creativity, and big earning potential is for you, and you have drive, you can do it. Paige will teach you how. All you have to do is trust her process, and be open to learning all the goodness she's got to share! 

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mariana's advice

I’m kind of coasting a little bit with my marketing because I’m booked out several months!

I work from my cozy home office. Or Starbucks. Or wherever!' I take 4 months off a year, and I'm working on making it 6 months off while still meeting my financial goals!


I made $62,000 in my first year of being full time web designer!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Hi, I’m Freya Rose, the founder of Freya Rose Tanner, website design & branding

previous job

I’ve just finished my studies and had no idea what I am going to do with my life! I started out as a business manager and I had some experience with web design but had an awful experience with some guys from a web design agency so I decided it was time to start on my own!

NOW EArning

“At 27, I became a world-travelling web designer and made $62,000 my first year!”

My web design packages are now starting from from £5,850 GBP (that’s $7,940)!!

Joining Square Secrets™️ was the best choice I have made for my business. It has made me fast forward about a year of messing around & making mistakes. Square Secrets™️ helped me not just create my website but get my whole business & messaging in order. I now feel a million times more confident with not just my website, but in myself too!”

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freya-rose's advice

I am now 100% booked out six months in advance. 

I knew I loved helping people, inspiring them, empowering them so going forward with my web design business was what I was intended to do. 


I charge $1,000 per day as a web designer offering VIP days!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Hi, I’m Katelyn Dekle, the founder of Launch the damn thing!

previous job

I was actually a receptionist at my (now) Father-In-Law's medical practice at the time. I was going to school but I had no idea what that was going to look like! Then I went off to interior design school and that's been the last 14-15 years, but then my day job needed a website! I decided to try my hand at that and I’ve been all about websites ever since!

NOW EArning

“I’ve made more this year than I ever had at my 9-5, and I’ve had time-freedom, and location-freedom while I did it. ”

By June, I'd already matched what I would have made if I was still working my 9-5. Now I’m booked out for the next 3 months solid, and I’m still getting inquiries!

If you don’t know what you’re doing, the Square Secrets™️ & Square Secrets Business™️ are gonna dive into all the things that you didn't even know that you needed to know! 

Paige interviews all these guests experts…and you haven't started yet so you can kind of like live through their experiences and how they answered questions that you didn’t even know to be asking! 

our favorite words

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katelyn's advice

I’ve made more this year than I ever had at my 9-5, and I’ve had time-freedom, and location-freedom while I did it.  

The biggest thing is just to do it! 

The thing I come across most frequently is [business owners] who are like, “I've been sitting on this idea. I'm too afraid to take action. I don't know what to do. Who am I to do this?” I get it! But none of that matters! You'll never know unless you try! 


And I charge $1,000 a day for it. 

Hi, I’m Ida Winstead, the founder of Hygge design co

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“By saying yes to the right projects I made my first $50K as a new web designer.”

previous job

Before I became a designer, I was working in corporate America. I was working for a grocery store’s corporate office doing communications stuff and I really didn't like it. 

So I started researching… Before becoming a web designer, I actually started out as a Virtual Assistant. I made my website for my VA business in Squarespace.

NOW EArning

My web design packages are now starting from $5,400!!

I've actually been consistently booked out this entire year! So I feel like I don't focus as much on marketing anymore, which obviously is such a luxury position to be in!

IDa's advice

Square Secrets Business™️ will give you those tools that you need so you can show up more confidently and feel like you're not so much of an imposter! 

And THAT will allow you to grow your business faster, and really chase after those dreams!

our favorite words

My job isn't about design. It's about believing in people and helping people chase their dreams!

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Hi, I’m Michelle Pontvert, the founder of Michelle Pontvert branding & websites

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“I needed to figure something out that fit around having a newborn at home and have a really flexible schedule…”

previous job

My original field of expertise is actually in set decoration for film and TV! I have a master's degree in film production. 

So design has always been part of my world and I love design and I love film.

So it was kind of a weird thing that got me out of that, but basically the lifestyle wasn't going to work with kids.

NOW EArning

"But these days fully custom projects can be anywhere up to €15,000!"
*THAT’S ALMOST $16,000 USD! 

MICHELLE's advice

If you are on the fence, I think what was really helpful for me was to look at Paige’s approach. 

If you resonate with how she talks in her videos and posts—if she kind of speaks to you in the way she approaches her business—then likely you're going to really like these courses!

If you feel like you're looking for pretty straightforward approach and guidelines and ways to shape and think about business, the way she approaches is really good.

our favorite words

I don't think I've ever had at typical work day and I think that's kind of the wonderful thing about running my own business!

I find myself sneaking work in my free time because I'm so excited about what I'm working on and I can't wait to get back to it (and that’s something I've never had with work I was doing for somebody else!)

read MICHELLE's story

It was very reassuring…a peace of mind, like, “okay, here’s structure I can jump in and just take and run with!”

*Michelle’s one-week-website (A.K.A Her productized service) currently sells for €2497 (approx. $2,760 USD) and to purchase that same product with custom branding included is €3997 (approx. $4,365 USD!)

Hi, I’m Lucy O’Reilly, the founder of Lucy designs

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“By being out there and being first and foremost helpful I have already passed the $100K mark in my web design business!”

previous job

I had been at home raising my 3 boys and hadn’t had a paid job in 10 years. I went back to college to do a degree in digital technology and design where I realized that actually, I knew an awful lot about a lot of things.

I was able to throw together landing pages in Squarespace, and have people be like “that looks really good!” So I thought “maybe I am kind of good at this!” And that gave me great confidence!

NOW EArning

Through a combination of my two-week web design process (the one Paige teaches in Square Secrets Business™️) & offering branding and visual identity as well I reached the $100K mark in my web design business!

lucy's advice

If you're thinking about doing one of Paige’s courses, absolutely do it! They are worth their weight in gold! And if you need a hand with how to run web design as a business, Paige shares everything! Her entire process! 

There's also an amazing world out there of other designers who are super supportive, and encouraging. There are Facebook groups (like the ones inside the courses!), there's forums…just full of really, really nice people across the planet, and they're all helping each other! 

our favorite words

The sky is the limit when you work for yourself! You can decide “I’m earning xyz now and that suits me just fine” or if you decide “Maybe I need to earn more,” or “Hey! I can earn serious money!” then you have that possibility!

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So you won't be alone! We're all here to help each other out, and it’s really a rewarding business to be in.

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