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Not sure which Squarespace template is right for you?

Maybe you’ve heard that picking the wrong one could seriously limit your design choices down the road?

By the end of this post, you’ll have a solid plan for picking exactly the right template for your biz, so you can stop putting off this major to-do, and start building your site the right way. ✅

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How to pick the right Squarespace template in 7.1

Step 1:

Forget everything you’ve ever heard about picking a template in Squarespace

I’m serious!

Forget fretting over which template has a sidebar!

Forget stressing over whether or not your template can have a double footer…

When Squarespace released the newest version of their platform, they made each and every template 100% equal in terms of features and functionality.


Every single template in the whole store can achieve the exact same end result or design, so you can relax knowing that whichever one you pick to start your site, you won’t be kicking yourself down the road and having to start over with a completely new build.

So go ahead and kiss the frantic Google searching goodbye, because template shopping just became a whole lot more fun!

Step 2:

Visit the Squarespace 7.1 Template Shop

When you first visit to start a new free trial, you will automatically be taken to the new template shop for 7.1.

Click the Get Started button.

They are going to have you ask you a few questions about your goals for your site, but it honestly isn’t too important how you answer these (and I’ll tell you why that is in just a minute).

So kudos to Squarespace for trying to get to know us on our first date, but let’s just go ahead click this button to skip the small talk.

Step 3:

Ignore the template categories!

Want to know the fastest way to have your site looking just like the competition’s?

Use a template designed specifically for your industry!

Because guaranteed that is exactly what everyone else is doing! ‍♀️

If every single wedding photographer clicks on weddings and chooses this wedding template, and then all they do to customize it is drop in their own logo, and few different images, clients are going to start experiencing some serious deja vu!

It’s going to be pretty hard to stand out as a wedding photographer in a sea of superrrr similar websites, right?

This is the biggest mistake I see DIY site builders making,

So my best template picking advice is to completely ignore those categories and choose a template based on it’s starting style, knowing that absolutely everything you see – fonts, images, colors, buttons, layouts etc. – can be changed using Squarespace’s drag-and-drop content building blocks, and by tweaking your site style settings.

Meaning, if you get halfway through your design on one template and wish you had gone a different direction, you can literally make it look exactly like any other template from the shop, just by rearranging your content, and making changes to the site styles.

Let’s take our wedding photographer for example again.

Rather than immediately reaching for a template in the wedding or photography categories, go through the templates in other categories, and preview to see which one speaks to you in terms of style…

Not necessarily content.

If your site vibe will be fairly minimal, you might like one template how it’s font, colors, or buttons, kinda fit with that aesthetic, even though the content has literally nothing to do with photography.

Basically, if you love the template’s default styles, that’s one less thing you’d have to change in the site styles editor when you go to start customizing your site!

So really you are just choosing based on what would make the most convenient starting point in terms of overall vibe.

Step 4:

Give yourself a blank canvas

To end up with a truly unique website, you are not going to want to rely too heavily on the pre-built layouts and demo designs of the template.

The first thing I tell students of my Square Secrets Course is actually to immediately delete out all the demo pages!

It’s pretty hard to unsee a design, and it’s superrrr easy to become married to the template, rather than coming up with something unique.

So even though templates can definitely be super handy for quickly getting a site launched in a pinch (or for knowing what content or copy you should be including on certain pages) the best way to ensure your site is unicorn-level unique is to force yourself to start from scratch with every single page.

To delete out the demo content, just head under the Pages panel on the left, and click the little ⚙️ icon next to each page. Then click delete.

Then, when you go to add a new page, rather than choosing a pre-built option, do yourself a big favor and choose a blank one!

So there you have it!

The 4 most important steps to picking your template for your new Squarespace 7.1 site!

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New to squarespace? You can sign up for a free trial here and I also got ya a little off the price! Use code PAIGE10 for 10% off your first year. (Yes, that’s an affiliate link!)



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