Macht Architects Website Design

The team at Macht Architects recently added a new generation to the family business, and therefore it was time for a revamp of the brand and the website. The Macht Architects team designs sustainable, energy efficient, healthy homes. As I quickly learned from browsing through their imagery, the homes they design are not only built in an environmentally conscious manner, but they're also truly inviting spaces.

The team had strong ideas and a vision for the new website. The new website had to knock it out of the park with full screen visuals of the company's amazing custom homes. They also wanted a modern look, and an extremely clean aesthetic. As someone who was 100% on board with the businesses mission and website vision, this one was a true joy to work on!

To start we built out the home page, with a full width and full height rotating slideshow of their past work. We mastered the same functionality for each individual project page to show the custom designed home visually first and then followed it up below with a description of the home, the location, important details, etc.

The live website is coming soon!