I just finished Make Life Beautiful by Syd & Shea McGee. (That’s an affiliate link btw!)

Here’s what I took away:

1. They proved my consistent content point perfectly. It doesn’t matter your niche, consistent content matters. They picked a marketing strategy (Instagram) and were consistently daily for years! (Consistency is key folks!)

2. They had a dream of an empire from the start. I was truly surprised just how big they grew their business in such a short amount of time. Through reading the book it became clear to me however that was far from an accident. It was 100% intentional. Your intentions will greatly influence your actions & therefore outcomes. So get intentional!

3. Sharing your secrets is great for business. Shea noticed on other designers Instagrams when followers would ask questions such as “which paint color is that” the question would go ignored and unanswered. Shea broke the model and did the opposite.

She now has a Netflix show and 2+ million Instagram followers.

Sharing your “trade secrets” works.

3 key lessons from Studio McGee’s book Make Life Beautiful