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So I was out here walking the beach on Jersey Island (the one on the English Channel that is…not New Jersey!) and I thought I would share with what I’ve been learning from my most recent mastermind retreat!

Our mastermind is super tiny, with just 8 ladies attending our little in-person retreat, and it has honestly been packed with ‘Aha’ moments and crazy specific takeaways about what I could be doing differently in my business!

Sidenote: I have been in this mastermind for a legit a couple years now. Thanks to Covid, our giant mastermind retreat to Richard Branson’s Necker Island kept getting postponed time after time, stretching our 12 month mastermind into a 3 year one!

Being a part of this mastermind has been incredible to say the least. I’ve met some unbelievable humans through it, and I’m just so grateful.

This little Jersey Island get together was put together by Catherine Morgan (an amazing financial trauma coach!) as sort of a pre-Necker prep trip, and I can’t wait to share what I learned with you!

What I learned at my millionaire mastermind retreat

So when I say millionaire mastermind, you’re probably picturing a stuffy group of people sitting around talking about strategy, and all the latest marketing and sales tactics, right?

Not here.

Yes, everyone was given the opportunity to share the biggest issue they wanted everyone else’s help solving, but half the time it had nothing to do with strategy. In fact, it was usually an emotional issue!

Even in those cases where someone was actually bringing a strategy question, like:

“Help! I do way too many things when I’m launching and always end up totally overworking myself…”

…when we really delved into it, there always ended up being an emotional challenge that needed solving at the root of it!

So my first takeaway? 👇 👀

Millionaire mastermind lesson #1:

The emotional side of business is equally important as strategy

Yep! We should be giving as much care and attention to the emotional side of running our businesses, and to the personal traits and habits that show up in our lives that affect our business strategy, as we give to strategy itself!

What does this look like?

Well, you might find that you have this recurring pattern or habit inside of your business that is holding you back, making you feel bad about your business, or just keeping you from getting to where you need to go.

The strategy part is actually usually pretty easy to figure out, but it’s taking the time to solve the emotional problem or pattern that is going to get you the results you want!

Millionaire mastermind lesson #2:

Follow your passion (and pivot if needed!)

The second thing I learned is that you need to follow your passion, even when it calls for a complete change of course!

Talking with my mastermind ladies, I realized that most Entrepreneurs at some point feel like they’ve lost their passion for their topic.

They’ll say, “I’m so over it, I literally CANNOT stand to talk about *insert topic here* for another minute.”

If this is you…if you’re feeling like you’re reaching a point where you no longer feel excited about the topic you built your business around, then you need to give yourself permission to make a change.

There are endless strategies for keeping your business running while you make that change and work to pivot your business!

But the worst thing you can possibly do when trying to reach your goals is lock yourself into a topic you no longer care about just because it was the one you started with.

(I promise you, that ‘ugh’ feeling you have about your topic is only going to get worse and your audience will totally pick up on that!!)

Millionaire mastermind lesson #3:

Learn which growth tools and business investments actually work for you

This whole experience has shown me just how perfect small, in-person retreats are for me!

I’ve spent endless dollars going to big conferences, or attending big in-person networking events, or joining masterminds where there are like 30 people on a zoom call.

And honestly? I rarely wind up feeling like they were a good use of my money.

Not because they weren’t great! Some of these ladies seriously know how to throw a killer conference! I’ve just realized that I’m not the type of person to thrive in those larger settings.

I definitely have a problem being vulnerable about my business or personal issues in front of large groups of people I don’t know, or inside some massive conference. So for me, it makes more sense to choose a small group format when considering what to invest in next when it comes to business growth!

So I encourage you to reflect on some of the past investments you have made in your own business! Which ones have ended up feeling good (or not so good) to you? Where are you personally most likely to thrive and therefore would turn out to be a much bigger opportunity for growth?

For example, I’m painfully awkward in new social settings.

Talking to new humans? So not my strong suit.

(You wouldn’t guess it if you knew me as a friend, because once I know someone well I can’t shut up.)

So conferences and large masterminds just don’t hold the key for me. But maybe they do for you!

So figure out which types of situations you tend to thrive in and grow most from and make it a point to be finding more of those!

Millionaire mastermind lesson #4:

Sell every day (but only what you feel called to sell)

So the next lesson I learned is more on the strategy side of things…

And that is to sell every day, but only what you feel called to sell.


By getting in touch with what your audience needs at that exact moment, rather than just following some set in stone launch calendar.

For example, one of the ladies in my mastermind recently had exceptional growth in her business (we’re talking $500,000 in revenue in one month!)

When asked how she managed it, she shared that she just started taking her own plans and her yearly promo calendar and tossing them right out the window and instead tunes into what her audience is really asking for in that season.

She shared that right before her business skyrocketed, she actually had a massive launch fail. Literally nothing went the way she wanted it to.

So she decided it was time to stop following her launch calendar and start following her gut about what was right for her audience right now. She launched a new offer that same month and it ended up being her biggest month yet!

So if you want to know my new mission (and your assignment should you choose to accept), then I’ll let you in on it now…

My new mission is to follow joy.

While the women in my mastermind were helping me work through what I thought were my biggest business issues, it became pretty clear that what I needed to do was to…

Stop strategizing, stop stressing, stop stockpiling stacks of cash in a back account and START following the things that bring me joy!

So when I look at what I learned from this retreat, really the entire message and takeaway is just less strategy, more focus on solving the emotional side of things and finding joy in what I’m doing. Only this can lead to what you truly truly want!

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