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So often I see brand new website designers spending hours scrolling through the endless list of fonts for their websites. And I’ll be honest. I kind of think that’s a massive waste of time 🤷‍♀️

You have so many better things that you could be doing as a new website designer.

  • Implementing your marketing strategy or for that case, picking one.
  • Automating some of your processes with the CRM to speed up booking clients.
  • Starting to create new offerings in your business.

Spending endless time looking at all the fonts available on your website builder, however, not a good use of your time!

I find that myself and my most successful students who are booked out in their represented businesses, they’ve pretty much identified their favorite fonts and use them for most of their projects.

We might stray away from the list of favorite fonts now, and again, when a client project calls for it, and maybe that specific client needs one font which is really unique to drive the design vision forward. But otherwise there’s a lot of better ways to add creativity and uniqueness to a design than choosing a slightly less common font.

Remember, time is money when you are a service provider.

So the less time you spend scrolling through fonts, the faster you can wrap up that project and head on to the next one. Meaning more on-time project finishes and more money in your bank account at the end of the year 💰

My six favorite fonts

(By the way, if I butcher the names on these, sorry, some of them are really weird!)

Font #1 | Montserrat

This is such a fantastic clean, minimal font. It is pretty heavily used. One of the most commonly used font types in the world, and there’s good reason for that. It is beautiful, but modern, it’s easy to read, which is legit the most important aspect of a font, and it can look super cool when you space it out quite a bit. It also looks really great in different weights. So Montserrat has been a go-to Sans Serif font of mine for years. And it pairs beautifully with other fonts and is truly just a classic.

Font #2 | Oswald

Oswald is another fantastic Sans Serif font. It’s fabulous in that it’s unique and has a bit more character to it than your average Sans Serif font. It’s clean. It’s bold. It’s easy to read. If you want a font that has a bit more “oopmh” to it, definitely choose Oswald.

Font #3 | Valera Round

This one is your typical Sans Serif font, but a bit more friendly, a bit more young, and with a bit more of a warmer feel to it. It’s perfect for those brands and websites that want a welcoming feel or are targeting younger audiences.

Font #4 | Cormorant Garamond

This is a beauty. It is classic. It’s elevated, it’s elegant, but not too old school or gothic. If you’re designing a site where you want to give a luxury, but clean and modern feel, this is the perfect font choice. I’ve used this font on client sites extremely regularly, because it’s such an easy to use Serif font that fits perfectly into the design of a variety of website.

Font #5 | Playfair Display

This font is similar to Cormorant Garamond in the vibe that it gives off and the feeling conveyed, but it’s got a little bit more character to it. Its serifs are more exaggerated. They’re almost like full circle bubbles on the end of some of the letters. This font is one I go back to again and again, but it’s admittedly a little bit less versatile than Cormorant Garamond.

Font #6 | Crimson

Crimson is a bit heavier than the last two Serif fonts that we discussed. It again has a homey cozy feeling to it. It’s a bit more rounded than the others while still being extremely clear, simplistic and easy to read.

Designer, know this! Don’t get to wild in the text choices!

Remember, the primary purpose of text is to be able to read the stuff. Unless there’s a specific reason to use another font type, I would just stick with your list of tried fonts. Add excitement and interest to your site design with creative layouts and images, a great use of hierarchy and animations, et cetera.

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Designers Only Need These 6 Fonts. Trash the Rest.