Well look at you all ready to launch your fancy new site to the world!

If you’ve come this far, congrats! It took guts to decide to DIY your site, so take a moment and pat yourself on the back for seeing this thing through!

You can be proud that you now have fully functioning, nothing-like-the-template site to send your potential clients or customers to that is a perfect reflection of your biz!

Not quite there yet? I can help with that!

My course Square Secrets is just the thing you need to go from clueless > confident in the Squarespace website building department, and to learn the design best practices and conversion strategies to turn site visitors into actual paying clients and customers!


Alrightie, so how do we get this thing locked and loaded in time for launch day? First, we head into settings > site availability.

Now, depending on how quickly you’ve managed to build your site, it’s possible you are still riding the coattails of your free trial. If so, you currently only have two options:

You can have your site set to private, so that only contributors, aka you and anyone else you’ve given permissions to under settings > permissions, can view your site from the backend. Or you can have your site password protected, which is helpful for designers needing feedback from clients.

Sadly, all good things, including that free trial, must come to an end! In order to hit publish and show your site to the world, you are going to need to bust out your wallet and upgrade to a paid plan!

But don’t worry, I’ve managed to snag you a little discount! Use my code PAIGE10 to get 10% off whichever Squarespace plan you choose! (Yup, that’s an affiliate code!)


When upgrading from a free trial to a paid plan, you have several options.

  • Personal

  • Business

  • E-commerce

  • Advanced

So how do you know which plan is right for you? Squarespace has kindly created this super handy comparison chart to help make things a little easier. (You can peep that complete chart here.)

But justtttt in case you find yourself overwhelmed with all the features, here’s a few simple rules of thumb when picking your plan!

Personal: No plans to monetize your site? You’re probably good with the most basic paid plan. Just keep in mind you won’t have access to some of Squarespace’s premium features like custom coding and e-commerce, to name just a few.

Business: Most businesses are going to start here so they can have access to Squarespace’s marketing features like promotional pop-ups, announcement bars, etc. This is also the tier where setting up an online shop becomes an option.

E-commerce: Why choose e-commerce if you can still sell on the business plan? To avoid those pesky 3% transaction fees! So it would be worth your time to site down and do a little math to see if what you expect to make in terms of sales is going to make upgrading worth it for you!

Advanced: The advanced plan offers advanced features like abandoned cart recovery to remind shoppers where they left off, and the ability to sell subscriptions and gift cards.

Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about the choice you make now limiting you in the future! Squarespace makes it super easy to upgrade without having to leave your site! Just head to settings > billing & account > billing to upgrade!

FYI, there’s def a major savings to be had by paying annually, and as an added perk, they’ll even throw in a free custom domain for one year!


Once you’ve selected your paid plan, popped in your discount code and entered in all your payment deets, the next step is to purchase a domain or link up one you already own!

If you already bought a domain, you could have purchased it from 1 of 50 bazillion places on the internet and, unfortunately, every single one of these external domain sources links up to Squarespace in a different way.

Yeah. Not super handy.

But you’re not entirely on your own! Squarespace has come to the rescue by creating a little help doc for quite a few of the more popular options! You can find the instructions for connecting domains from several external sources at the links below.


Oh, and one last thing before you go! While most domains connect to your site within 24 hours, it has been known to take up to 72 hours for things to properly link up! So it’s best not to leave it til the last minute.

Happy launching!


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