How to fake block movement on a Squarespace website


Have something on your website you want to bring attention to and draw a visitors eye towards? Maybe something you really would like your visitor to click on? Add some movement to that item!

"But isn't making stuff move on a website hard ... and involve coding?"

Well it could, but I have a super-simple method using just the regular Squarespace blocks to fake movement on your website.

Here's an example using portfolio pieces.

And blog post images


Eye catching, right?!

Okay, let's get down to how I did it.

  • First, gather your images that you want to 'move' and rotate between somewhere handy, such as your desktop.

  • Click an insert on the desired area of your website or blog post

  • Select a 'Gallery Slideshow' block

  • Click 'upload images'

  • Select your images and wait until they upload and appear

  • At the top right hand corner of the window, click over from 'Content' to 'Design'

  • Select ' automatically transition between slides' and deselect all the other options

  • Set the transitions seconds to your preference.

  • Click apply


You're all done! Easy as pie, right?!

What creative way will you put this to use on your website?!

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