If I teach what I do for free on my blog, why would anyone hire me?

If I teach what I do for free on my blog, why would anyone hire me?.png

You hear again and again that blogging, podcasting and YouTubing, basically providing free content online, is the way to grow and market you business, but then the thought hits you.

"If I provide a service and teach people how to do that service for free on my blog/YouTube/podcast, why would anyone hire and pay me?"

Darn good question friend, darn good question. It sounds rather counterintuitive if you think about it. So how and why exactly does it work?

How providing valuable free content (eg. blogging) will bring in paying clients

You run a business and you’re trying to bring in new clients. Of course, you want the clients to you know, pay for your services. Why would anyone pay you to do the thing for them if you teach them how to do it for free on your blog/YouTube/podcast?

I was talking recently with an email subscriber who asked me exactly this.

She had heard from me and others online to ‘blog to bring in business’ but she didn’t really understand how providing free how-to’s would help her book more clients.

After I explained it, she stated “that totally makes sense!”

So today I’m here to share what I did with her, with you.

Here’s generally how it goes when people find me through this blog then choose to hire me.

(I’m a Squarespace web designer btw.)

People are researching their website options.

WordPress? Squarespace? Wix? Which to go with?!

Leaning towards Squarespace they start Googling,

‘Which is the best Squarespace template?’
'Which template is best for X business type?'
'Can I do X with Squarespace?'
'Does Squarespace work with my email marketing system?'
'How difficult is Squarespace to update and edit over time?'

I’ve written posts on all of those things, and I’m ranking in Google and Pinterest for many of those queries.

People land on my blog, think ‘that was super helpful’ and many of them either continue reading through the related posts I always put at the bottom of each blog or download an opt-in gift that’s in my post.

I unload all the Squarespace knowledge on them and they think ‘darn, girl knows her Squarespace stuff’. 

I prove through my blog that I know my topic backwards and forwards. I become an authority in their mind, to them, I’m the girl who knows Squarespace.

Now yeah, many blog readers take the education in my posts and go DIY their site. And I am fully A-Okay with that! Not everyone has the budget right at the start to hire out #allthethings.

But the day their business starts killing it, and they remember ‘Paige’s site was my Squarespace bible, she helped me out SO much’, I’m going to be top of mind when they think of who they want to trust their site redesign to.

Other people dip their toes into the site building process and then think, 

‘Holy guacamole, I have no clue what I’m doing'
'I don’t have time for this'
'I’m never going to make it look as good as a designer could. Paige clearly knows her stuff, I’ll just get her to do it for me.'

Bingo! That’s a customer that came through the blog.

Other times I’m writing posts that specifically target people who are in the stage of looking for a Squarespace website designer.

Take a moment to think of the questions someone has who wants to hire help in your industry, and then write a post answering those questions.

For example, people who are looking for a Squarespace web designer might be wondering how to find the perfect designer. They might be wondering what questions to ask a potential web designer. They might also wonder what to expect when working with a web designer (cost, contract terms, timeline, deliverables, etc.). 

I’ve written posts on all of those topics.

Those posts bring people to my website that are quite literally in the stage of looking for the perfect designer! 

That’s more clients through the door, all from valuable content I provide completely for free on my blog!

So, that’s how it’s done.

Write content that is truly valuable to your ideal clients, answer their questions relating to your service, show you know your stuff and that you are the go-to gal in your industry. 

Once you show people how darn knowledgable and helpful you are, they’ll be lining up around the block to work with you.

So now, go get blogging/YouTubing/postcasting already!


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