How to change the Facebook link preview photo that shows up from your Squarespace website

How to change the facebook link preview photo that shows up for your squarespace site.png

I'm constantly seeing this question floating around the internet and I'm happy to report that I have good news! It's super easy to change the photo that appears as a preview image in the links on Facebook (and other social media paltforms) from your Squarespace site.

Here's what normally happens.

You launch your fab new website and excitedly share a link on Facebook.

Then you notice that your logo appears all weird and distorted in the link preview area and you frantically try to figure out how to fix it.

Here's how it's done.

You just need to upload a photo to your 'social sharing logo' area.

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Steps to change the preview image that appears on Facebook

Click design > logo & title.

Scroll down to the 'social sharing logo' area. 

Upload whatever image you'd like to appear in the link preview area of Facebook. (iI's best if it's horizontal as it'll automatically be cropped to be horizontal on Facebook.)

The last step is to 'scrape' your link. Facebook had a bug where it doesn't automatically pull the most recent info from your site (say, your new link preview image). Don't worry though, it's easy to force Facebook to pull (scrape) the new info.

Head to the 'Facebook Link Debugger'. Enter the link to your site, click the 'scrape' button a few times. Keep clicking it until your new preview image you just uploaded appears in the preview area.

Done! You're all set to share those links to your new site on Facebook now!

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