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This is literally the coolest post I’ve ever written – comin’ atcha from #NECKER 🏝️ !

Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that I’d have been spending a week on Richard Branson’s private Island, suppin’ his Champagne 🥂 & even playing a game of Tennis with the man himself !

This all came about courtesy of an incredible mastermind group I’m part of. 

What’s a mastermind I hear you say?

Well, in short, it’s a group of like-minded individuals who come together to help one another continue to level up & improve their businesses. This mastermind group has been AH-MAY-ZING, I mean really. I’m going to be sharing so much of what I’ve learned (and spoiler alert: the GAME-CHANGING IMPACT) it’s had on my business over the coming months. 

But first… Necker 🏝️!

I intended to film a room tour alllll week, but one day is just like seven days worth of activities & time got away with me. So here we are on the final evening, just before dinner, and the room is a HOT mess #suitcaseexplosion, but I couldn’t leave without giving you a peek inside my room !

Where are the rooms on Necker Island?

There are actually rooms in various places across the Island, but our room in particular is located down a cliff from the main great house. We have an INCREDIBLE view over the water 🌅, and a beautiful patio (but I’ll get to that!) 

First stop… The bedroom.

The bed is enormous (and super comfy!) and covered with a beautiful mosquito net which makes it look sooo romantic. 

There’s coffee and tea, and a fully stocked bar with all the things that you could possibly want, all included, including the very famous Mecca Island Champagne no less 🍾🍾🍾. It’s Richard Branson’s own brand of champagne, which is so freakin cool #goals. 

From the room, we have the main event… drum roll purlease…

The View!

There’s a gorgeous lounger – not that I’ve had a moment for lounging (being in paradise Is hard work dontcha know!). 

There are another couple of seating areas on the deck, with a view across the most beautiful ocean – the sunsets are off the chain, my friends! And those stars at night… wow…

The best part of my room on Necker (apart from the view)

One of my absolute favorite things about my room on Necker is the bathroom because it has a surprise … the shower is outside 🚿 🍃!!

And not like a shower outside in London (ha! I’m cold 🥶 just thinkin’ about it!) a shower outside with a view across the ocean & along the beach into the distance (we can even see one of the rooms called the “Temple” on the cliffs – it’s a pretty special place because they used it to create the Elders group – so some serious people, doing some pretty special things went on in there (and I can see it from my shower!!!) 

All of the toiletries in the shower (where I’ve spent a grand total of 5 minutes every couple of hours as I freshened up between activities) are from aromatherapy associates in London -Richard, yes we’re on first-name terms, is British after all – and smell incredible!

How to find out more about my Necker Island Experience

If you haven’t checked out the video of the full room tour yet – make sure you do, if only to see THE VIEW! 

And whilst you’re over there, subscribe to my channel to find out more about what I learned at Necker Island!

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