4 ways to get a Squarespace offer/coupon code

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If you're the type of person that loops back around in the Costco samples section a few times, you're going to love this post.

I've been fielding questions lately on if it's possible to get a discount or if there's a coupon code to use on your Squarespace plan. 

Well friend, I have good news! YES! There are 4 ways you can snag a Squarespace discount.

I've been using Squarespace for years, and can tell you with confidence that these are the only 4 ways of getting a discount.

You can sign up for a free trial of Squarespace here and I also got ya a little off the price, use code PAIGE10 for 10% off your first year. (Yes, that's an affiliate link!)


1st: 10% off coupon code for any annual plan

For this discount to work you must pay annually, not monthly. It must also be your first purchase with Squarespace.

There are many partners out there promoting Squarespace, but they all have the same discount percent. 

Squarespace always gives their partners a 10% off code, so in case you were wondering, there's really no need to spend an hour Googling trying to find a partner with a higher percent off code.

Use the coupon code 'PAIGE10' for 10% off your plan.


2nd: 20% off when you work with a Squarespace Circle member

'The Circle? ... you mean that scary movie with Emma Watson?'


Not quite. The Squarespace Circle is the community for creative professionals that build websites with Squarespace.

There's no public definitive list out there of Circle members, but the vast majority of web designers that create Squarespace websites are members (yours truly included).

If they're a member you can normally find one of the two of these logos on their site somewhere, normally the About page.

When the Circle member creates your site, your 20% discount will automatically be applied when you purchase your Squarespace plan.

This applies to plans paid annually only, not plans paid monthly.

There's no need to a coupon code, the promo is automatically applied when you purchase your plan. So, if you choose to go the web designer route instead of DIY'ing, you'll receive a discount for it!


3rd: 20% off when you learn from an Authorized trainer

Think of Squarespace Authorized Trainers as the next level up from Squarespace Circle Members. There’s a whole page of authorized trainers that you can browse through.

Every Authorized Trainer has their own offerings, some offer online courses, webinar trainings, in person workshops, etc.

If you learn to build your site with the help of an Authorized Trainer, they’ll be able to get you 20% off your Squarespace plan.

4th: 50% off student or faculty discount

This is the best deal you could hope to find on Squarespace, so I hope you still have access to your college or university email account (or know someone who does 😉).

(This only works with colleges and universities, not high schools.)

Again, this discount is valid on your first year of Squarespace only.

There's no mention of needing to pay annually for this promo, so I'm assuming you can get this discount if you pay monthly or annually (granted, you also get an additional discount for paying annually, so its really the way to go).

To get this discount you should first visit this page, search to make sure your school is enrolled in the education program.

If it is, yay! You'll just create your Squarespace account with your university/college email address (eg. yourname@olemiss.edu, or if you're really smart, yourname@harvard.edu), and the discount will be automatically applied when you go to purchase your plan.

If it's not, click 'Where's my school' and complete the form - there may still be hope!


I hope that helps! Be sure to use the buttons below to share this with all your kinda-sorta-friends on social media, so they can snag a discount too!

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