10 best example Squarespace websites • photographer edition

10 of the best photographer websites built on Squarespace for design inspiration

After choosing Squarespace, and before actually beginning to design a website, people often look at the Squarespace templates page with a blank stare.

'Uhhh ... which template do I choose? How do I decide? Can I see more examples?'

This is generally followed by intense Googling.

Whether you're DIYing or getting a designer to create your new Squarespace website, it's good to have some inspiration to get the creative juices flowing and see what's possible with Squarespace.

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In comes the Top 10 Squarespace Inspiration Series

I've scoured the web for the best in Squarespace site design, and compiled them here. Included is each websites template and a link to the live site. If the site owner hired a website designer to create the site, the designer is also linked.

If you're still in need of a little more guidance before getting started on your Squarespace site...


10 Squarespace websites for inspiration • Photographer Edition


LIVE SITE: Lena Peterson Photography

Template: Bedford family


LIVE SITE: Jessi Nichols Photography

Template: Pacific family
Design Studio: Broad & Main


LIVE SITE: Catharine O'Hara

Template: Marquee family
Designed by: Go Live HQ


LIVE SITE: Blush Photography

Template: York family
Design Studio: Julian Deschutter


LIVE SITE: Cagliani Captures

Template: Pacific family
Design Studio: SNP Design Studio


LIVE SITE: Andrea Pesee

Template: Montauk family

clean and minimalistic Squarespace website design by Andrea Pesee photography.jpg

LIVE SITE: Emily Burney

Template: Brine family


LIVE SITE: DeRay and Simcoe Photographers

Template: Pacific family
Design Studio: Go Live HQ


LIVE SITE: Kelley Palmer Photography

Template: Brine family
Design Studio: Meg Summerfield


LIVE SITE: Crimson Photos

Template: Marquee family


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